Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mosaic Monday ~ Connecting Rings

A little while back, you may recall that I had a little Hiccup in my life. Well, for the past 3 months I have had to go to the Montana Cancer Center (don't worry, I do not have cancer) to receive Iron Infusions. Last Thursday marked my 14th infusion and my numbers have now climbed to 10.9 from 6.4. Yeah! But 12 is the norm, so I will have to continue on. But I am okay with that, since I have been feeling so much better and I still have my daughter by my side. She has been with me throughout this whole process and it has meant a lot to me. So, I wanted to get us both something that would "celebrate" the time we spent together and to show her how much I loved her and appreciated the support she gave me. But what?

In comes, Mary from the Little Red House and a wonderful give-away is posted. A $75 gift certificate to the CSN stores. I signed up and low and behold, I won! I was so thrilled and instantly shopped their jewelry section. I found two silver and garnet rings. I chose a garnet in a pear shape, thus reminding me of the drops of iron my body is receiving. Perfect. I wrapped them up in special little bags and took them with me for one of the treatments. We both unwrapped our gifts and she was so surprised and loved it. Even the nurse was excited and snapped a pic of us. We now wear them every Thursday and proclaim we are "Iron Buddies" till the end ...LOL
Thanks Mary! Your give-away made two ladies very happy. :)

Always, Kit

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Productive Day

Saturday. It finally came. It meant glorious sleeping in, it meant shopping and most important... it meant checking "items that had to be done" off my never ending list. Such bliss! Hubby was very instrumental in this task and he deserves a beer in a chilled mug, popcorn with raisins and chocolate chips and his slippers placed before the fireplace tonight. Don't ya just love to get something accomplished?

Headboard on bed fixed ~ check!
New lamp switch installed ~ check!
Put mirror up over hubby's dresser ~ check!

Plus lots of other little bits. It feels soooooo good. Now I can relax tomorrow, sit back, watch my beloved football (go Packers!) and embroider. Tonight? A movie and nice glass of wine. :)
Always, Kit

Monday, January 17, 2011

A very English sort of Day!

I spent yesterday with my youngest and we had a unique and fun day. What did we do? Why we played a special game and ate way too many sweets....LOL Let me expand a bit on that. For Christmas my girl spied in the back of Victoria Magazine (my most fav publication!) and then bought for my gift, the game Pride and Prejudice. A game derived from my favorite book and series. How cool is that? She was so excited to give it to me and I loved receiving it.

We set aside yesterday to play, but first we had to set the mood. We bought some Walker's Shortbread, I brewed the tea and dug around for the DVD of the series of Pride and Prejudice (the version I think is the best) and I ordered a rainy cold London-y kind of day to help set the stage.

The game is cute and fun and as you go around the board you collect shillings, and tokens and answer questions about the book, and the main objective? To get your man to the altar, of course!....LOL I got to be Lizzy and Mr. Darcy but alas, Jane and Mr. Bingley made it to the church on time.

We had the show on in the background, which helped with a few of the questions, and when we were done with the game, we curled up on the sofa and continued to watch the trials and tribulations of the Bennet clan. So much fun! And today I think I will continue to watch the series, gaze out at the rain and work on my embroidery like a good Jane Austen heroine. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cottage Tails has sent me an Award!

Cottage Tails has a wonderful blog and she sent me an award "to thank me for my great posts" and she said, (and I am blushing), "Kit's blog is another that makes me go aaaaahhh when I visit - all warm & fuzzy!" I am thrilled and very pleased. And coming from her, it means a lot, since her blog is one of my favorites. Thank you Leanne!
So I hear a few things need to be done in order to accept this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

Well, I will give this a shot. My seven things are:

1. I am a lover of patterns! Black and White Checkerboard, Plaid (oh how I love plaid!), Bold stripes, especially mixed with Florals. And Polka Dots! Bright red ones.

2. Honest to a fault. Yes, I go back to the store if they haven't charged me for an item. It just isn't good Karma not to. :)

3. I love children. All ages (except maybe that weird age from 7th to 8th grade) but especially teenagers. They are so amazing and act so cool, but I know there is still a little kid living inside them that loves to be cared for.

4. I Hate scary movies. I had a hard time dealing with the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits as a kid, so most of them are off limits to me. The last one I tried, was the Blair Witch Project and I have to tell you, I don't think I will ever go camping in the woods ever again.....LOL

5. I think Disco was the best music ever! It's okay, you can make fun of me. But boy it is great to dance to! "She's a Brick.... House"

6. My happiest times are spent with my daughters and husband, playing board games and laughing.
7. From a sampler I found years ago in an antique store, I have tried to pattern my life. It reads, "Greet the Day with a Song, Make others Happy, Serve Gladly.

Well, I think I may have to cop out a bit on this one, and go halves's with only 7 blogs to award. Quite a few of the blogs I visit are award free and some I am just getting to know. But the ones I just love and I would like to give an award to, are:

1. Cape Cod Rambling Rose When I need to visit the "sea" I just come to this beautiful blog and it soothes my soul. She also makes lovely jewelry and I am the proud owner of a gorgeous ocean inspired bracelet.

2. Idyllhours Julie Marie has such a lovely blog. It speaks to the more feminine side of myself and her photos are wonderful. She is also, so playfull and fun, and always leaves the best comments.

3. Life Among Mountains This is my daughter's blog and she has such a unique and special way of writing and a great eye for taking interesting and beautiful photos.

4. Gone to the Beach Lizzy has another great ocean blog. She has the most lovely crafts and her Etsy store is so much fun. I recently bought some chandelier crystals for my husband and they were awesome.

5. Flowerlady's Musings You will not believe the lovely photography of flowers on this blog, and from her cottage in Florida she makes such lovely beaded art. And she is a very dear and old friend.

6. Pinecones and Roses Dianne is a close neighbor to me being in Wyoming. I love the little snippets I get into her life and she has such a great sense of humor.

7. Child in Harmony Marcia's blog has literally; Everything! From crafts to photos, to wonderful tales about her animals and family.
I hope you will take a moment and go and visit these wonderful ladies. Oh and ladies, if you don't collect awards, don't worry, I understand and it will be fine if you choose to pass it up.
Always, Kit

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rednesday ~ And I am One Proud Momma!

@ "It's a Very Cherry World" it is Rednesday! For this week, I would like to share a little bit about my oldest daughter. Here in Montana, we are deep into snow season. With everyone taking advantage of all our ski resorts from Whitefish Mountain, to Snowbowl to Lost Trail. Sadly this brings about some accidents and that is where she comes in. She is an EMT and a member of the Lost Trail Ski Patrol. Recently one of our local papers did an article on what the patrol is doing to help detect avalanche victims, and they were there to take two wonderful pictures of my girl. Not only does she help with training but she patrols the ski runs on her snowboard, helping whomever needs it. I get a little nervous knowing she can be in some dicey situations, but she has a good head on her shoulders (with a helmet!) and I know she is well trained. So if you ever make it over to Lost Trail and find you are in need of a little help, just look for the bright RED vest with the white cross and you can breathe a little easier.

"Ski patroller "J", works through the deep snow at Lost Trail Powder Mountain while following the signal from a buried avalanche beacon. The device is used to help find buried avalanche victims. Lost Trail has teamed up with the West Central Montana Avalanche Center (WCMAC) to operate a beacon training area at the mountain."

Always, Kit

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Cloudy, Rainy, Wonderful Winter Day!

A lot of folks don't get me. The weather can be down right awful: slushy, wet, cold, gray and gloomy. And I am beaming like the sun we can't see! I call these kind of days, "cozy days". Where all I want to do is be at home, with my fireplace on, a hot cup of tea and a favorite movie playing. I snuggle down in my spot on the couch, the cat sleeping on his chair and my latest embroidery project and I feel like the Queen of the World. I am not in a big rush to get to Spring. Tho a lot of people are. Why wish away the next 4 months of my life waiting for the next season? It will be here soon enough and I will be outside getting the gardens ready and enjoying the balmy breezes. But for now, I intend to pretend I am snowed in, far out in the woods and the only thing I have to do is relax, read, cook a big pot of bean soup and smile.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mosaic Monday ~ 2010 in photos!

Over at The Little Red House, it is the first Mosaic Monday of 2011. I am so jacked for the new year! I have spent the remaining days of my Christmas vacation, putting to bed all the rest of my decorations and bringing out cherished collectibles. Some that I haven't seen for a whole year. It's just like shopping without spending any money. I love it! I went thru my blog and re-visited various stories and for my mosaic decided on the pictures of the events that either meant the most or made an impression on me. In retrospect it was a wonderful year, and I can't wait to see what unfolds in 2011.

(From top left clockwise: another year of living in the most beautiful state, my husband's finished project, my haven - my craft room, potting up my flowers for the season in the new garden shed, California Adventure with my youngest daughter, my 55Th birthday , the condo in Oregon where I recharge each year, and the University of Montana Griz Games)