Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Architectural Element!

Over at Razmataz, Chania's word of the week is Architectural Element. Growing up in New Jersey, I had the pleasure of living at one time in Mt. Holly. My favorite thing about this town, was the fact it was very very Colonial. Driving down the streets made you think you would see at any moment, George Washington coming out of the nearest cafe or pub. In fact, I believe there was a sign on a quaint hotel, that said he had indeed slept there.....LOL My high school was incredible as you can see. It always reminded me of Independence Hall in Philly. I just love all the brickwork and white trim. So neat and tidy. And so very classic and so very American!

You have to love columns and clock towers!

If it weren't for the power lines, you could swear it was the 1700's!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Thursday, I am being poked and prodded by nurses and a doctor during my first (and I hope last) Colonoscopy. Don't fret, all turned out well, and I am clean as a whistle. And I mean literally....LOL The results were great and I certainly hope that that particular type of doctor is being paid more than a movie star or baseball player. I mean, come on! Can you imagine having that job?!!

Anyway, on to Friday. In order to soothe my wounded body, hubby and I decided I needed a road trip. To the west of us is a lovely little town called Coeur D' Alene, in the mountains of Idaho. Just a 3 hour drive thru some of the loveliest forests, to one of the most beautiful lakes in the region. And the best thing about going now, is that the Tamaracks are changing. The simple way to explain them is: Evergreen trees which change to a lovely yellow and drop their needles. The hills are full of them, and they are quite breath taking. We grabbed our Starbucks coffee, loaded the car with snacks and away we went for the day. And one of the added bonuses about our destination was, there are Antique Stores and a Red Lobster! Lunch first, Fried Clams and those yummy cheddar cheese rolls. Now I was ready to shop. In the first antique mall, I came up with an early Mary Engelbriet cookie jar in pretty red cherries, and a Boyds stuffed mouse. I thought both would work great in my Christmas decorating. Drove downtown to Wigget's, a wonderful antique store, with 4 floors of treasures! I headed right back to my favorite booth and was not disappointed. I found a vintage table cover in red and pink checks with tomatoes! I will use that come spring. Around one corner, to find a lovely gourd headed lady in a tutu, perfect for Halloween. Upstairs to a remote cabinet, and the cutest bear with an old fashioned face (looks like one of the bears in the Disneyland Jamboree) found it's way into my hands. I was so tickled. And getting tired. Hubby packed me back into the Jeep, gave me a root beer and we started the lovely drive home. What a great way to relax and rejuvenate. I could almost forget Thursday ever happened, well almost.....LOL

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little Hiccup in the Course of a Life.

My blogs are for the most part, upbeat and positive, and this one will be also with a slight exception. It deals with a negative issue. I am writing because I need an outlet for my thoughts, because someone out there may benefit from what I am dealing with and because I am on a fast before a procedure and I need something to do or I'll go crazy!.....LOL Summary of problem: found over the summer, that I could not dig holes for bushes anymore, mowing the grass made me want to sit down every 10 minutes and hauling a laundry basket up the steps of the basement had me so short of breath, I had to plunk my butt down and take a breather. Hmmm, odd. Now, I am not exactly an exercise nut, but I have been able to hold my own in my garden. Finally, (and why do we take so long to see a doctor) I had some blood tests run. Turns out because of some meds I take for diabetes, I had no B12 left in my body, which in turn eliminates the iron in the blood which makes one very tired and sick. Well, the B12 returned (via shots) but the iron, no where to be seen; still. Sooooo, I was started on iron pills, levels still dropping. Referred to a Hematologist (a very lovely and wonderful soul), but levels are still dropping. She ordered an Iron Infusion to the rescue. I had never heard of this and was eager to get this liquid energy in a bag! Went yesterday with my trusty side-kick and daughter (E.Charlotte) and had my first dose. I have to admit I was a bit nervous, but she kept my mind off the matters at hand, and I got thru it. Piece of cake. Well almost. I hear it will take me about 3 months to get back to where I should be, and I have to go every week for the next 2 months. Oy! And there is still the question as to why I am no longer making little red blood "boats" so I have some more tests to go thru in the next few weeks. But, as my girl says, they will fix it and she will go with me every time if I want her to. She is my rock right now, and I don't think I could do this without her. So we will pick up treats for everyone in the IV room, save all our juicy stories for that time to share, and watch as that bag of rusty liquid drips into my body, restoring me once more to my livelier self. And in three months, I will be as the picture below shows, I will be Iron Girl!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Food!

Now this week, Chania has a word I can really sink my teeth into (no pun intended.....LOL)! I am not really all that into food and eating for the most part, except when I am on vacation. And then I have to admit, I only want the best. The restaurant has to be upscale, lots of ambiance, great service, the best view, and the tastiest dishes. And I don't care what the cost is (tho my hubby has been known to roll his eyes a few times when perusing the menu). Show me real tablecloths, pressed butter pats and a cucumber in my water glass and I'll show you a happy traveler.
Yes, my name is Kit, and I am a restaurant snob. And today ~ a critic!

On our last trip to Oregon, I was pleased to find 4 wonderful places that did not disappoint.

First off in Hood River, is a lovely place, high up on a hill overlooking the Columbia River. The 3 Rivers Grill. Perfect after a very long drive from Montana. What you see is my second bread basket! Herb bread. Nice and warm. Very yummy.

Isn't this pretty? Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon with local vegetables. I mean anything wrapped in bacon has got to be good, right?!

Hubby ordered the Pan Seared Salmon and was in fish heaven. I could have sat there all night and sipped my ice tea and watched the river pass by. But there were miles to go and more restaurants to find.
Next up, a unpretentious place, simple from the outside, and charming on the inside. The Bay House. On Highway 101. This has got to be the best sandwich I have ever and I mean ever, eaten. Crab and Avocado. I don't think I said a word the whole time, just munched and smiled.

Just down the street from where we stay, the
Tidal Raves is small and cozy, with a huge bank of windows overlooking Depoe Bay. Their clam chowder is infused with herbs and the salad is to die for. Are those cranberries? And I just love a place that gives you your cream for your coffee in a ceramic pot. And it was real cream!

And I saved the best for last. The ICM Restaurant in Florence, Oregon. I had already eaten half my crab by the time I remembered to take a picture. Fresh crab! The most wonderful, friendly staff I have ever met and they also sang! In Spanish! With the boats motoring by and the breeze fluttering the flags, I had found a place I could return to forever. So there you have it, my tribute to Food and the wonderful restaurants of Oregon!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Frost is Coming!

Yep, heard it on the news yesterday. Tuesday night, it will go down to 30 degrees. That is my Fall signal. Soooo, today I will bring all my geraniums in for the winter. They are heirloom plants passed down to me from my late MIL and I don't want to risk losing them. It will be sad not to see them gracing my front steps as I come home each day, but they will add some lovely color in my craft room. Salmon, red and fuchsia.

Once that is done, it is time to do up the front step for Halloween. Bring up the trick o' treaters (a ghost and pumpkin kid), hang my ghost wind sock, line the steps with pumpkins, and put up the witchy wreath and bat house. Out on the front lawn, the hubby will install the wooden pumpkin faces (that the neighborhood kids just love) and put Ed the Scarecrow in his place of honor. Then I am all set until Halloween Day when we add quite a bit more for the special night. Our house has become a destination for many families and we wouldn't have it any other way. We not only like to give out great candy, but great memories too! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Under October's Magical Spell"

Over at Idyllhours they are having a Barn Chicks Party! We are sharing scenes of Fall, Halloween and whatever strikes our fancy, to celebrate this wonderful time of the year. I have chosen some lovely photos from both my files and from the awesome web site, Better Homes and Gardens to illustrate my love for all things orange and Autumnal. Enjoy!

This barn can be found on the road from Missoula to Helena.

One of my favorite treats, Caramel Apples. I love the way BHG.com used twigs as the sticks. So rustic!

I love groupings of pumpkins of all colors. And that touch of green sets them off perfectly. (BHG.com)

Ginnala Maples are one of my best performing trees in the Fall. Lovely to sit on the swing and just watch the leaves pile up in my bird bath fountain.

For decorating indoors, nothing beats a pumpkin pie, fresh apple cider and the fruits of the season. (BHG.com)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So my hubby and I have a new hobby. It is called "tiddling". When he finished his project car ~ his beloved Cobra, we decided that any extra time we had available and if the weather was fine (it has no top!) we would travel the countryside and see the sites. So "tiddling" around has become our passion. It is amazing the reactions we get from fellow drivers and pedestrians. It seems, not only does this car make us happy, but it makes them happy too! I have never seen so many thumbs up, waves and folks stopping and visiting with us to ask questions. They all seem to come alive when we go by. Strange and fascinating.

Some of the places we have been are:
Bigfork ~ a lovely little town on the north end of Flathead Lake. Full of great restaurants and shops. And fresh cherries!

Corvallis ~ a trip down the Bitterroot Valley is soooo beautiful and the windy road is a must for man with a sports car!

Helena ~ our state's capital. Lots of Fall color, and get this, a cattle drive coming straight down MacDonald pass over 4 lanes of highway! We had to stop for two gorgeous cows who couldn't quite figure out the guard rail.

Next up will be Phillipsburg. Home of the Sapphire Gallery, the Sweet Palace and Georgetown Lake.