Thursday, September 30, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Self Portrait

Over at Razmataz, it is Photo Challenge Day! Self-Portrait.

I have a photo that I keep in my wallet, to glance at on those days when I am feeling less than perky. When I am looking the whole of my 55 years. Or when someone (usually a teenager) asks, "What did you look like when you were young?"....LOL I whip out this photo, and they gasp, and then look straight into my face looking for the similarities. Yes, the shell has changed, but it is me! I have embraced every line and wrinkle and blotch, and no I wouldn't want to return to that time. Not even once. I lived this current face, and it has been a wonderful life. But sometimes we need a reminder of where we once were. In my will there are instructions. You know how at some funeral's they usually have a blow-up photo of the departed? Well, I want two. One of me at the time of my passing (and I hope I am a ripe old lady of 84) and this photo. Just so folks will stop and think. And what I am hoping they will think is: Wow, she was a hotty!....LOL

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Late September.

From the pages of Stillmeadow Seasons, by my favorite of all authors ~ Gladys Taber.

"The cool and sparkling days of late September flow like golden wine into the bowl of autumn. I cannot have enough of each day; I try to measure the minutes sparingly, for this is the time of enchantment. The leaves are turning, and I wonder whether I ever saw them before, for the colors are a new miracle of blended tones. Surely this year it is a lovelier autumn; the maples have a clearer fire, the oaks are a richer burgundy. And the goldenrod - was it Thoreau who called it spilled sunshine? The wild asters break their purple waves over the old stone fences. The upland meadows are beautiful, a brown suffused with gold."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Homecoming! U of M style

Today was our university's Homecoming. Such a picture perfect day with temps in the high 70's, the trees beginning to change and a win for our football team. We started the day by picking up our two daughters (both University of Montana graduates) and headed to the best parade ever. Had to stop first for Cafe' Mocha's and french pastries, and scouted the best place to place our chairs for optimum viewing. I have to say, you know what I hate? When I have been sitting in my spot for over an hour, and right before it starts, some tall guy will shove his way into the space right next to me and block the whole street. It seems to always happen, how rude! Well, today, I was having none of it, and tapped him on the back and told him he was in the way. He reluctantly sat down and I would hope the next time, he will be more polite to begin with. Well, we got our lovely fill of bands, and dogs, floats and politicians. The streets were lined with people and smiles were in abundance. The kids enjoyed the candy being put in their bags (here in our town, they cannot throw candy at the kids - great idea) and folks talked of the tail gating parties they were headed to, as the last fire engine roared by. Hubby and I headed to the game, crossing the beautiful campus with the sounds of the marching band rounding the stadium. Once in our seats we were to enjoy a lovely rendition of the Star Spangled Banner sung by our local Mission Mountain Wood Band, skydivers dropping into the stadium and our mascots arriving in a new police car. Our team would drive us a bit crazy with some turnovers, but ultimately would win the game 28 to 25. As the team sang the fight song to the crowd, thrusting their helmets to the sky, I had to admit, it was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Age

Over at Razmataz, we have our new word, and the new word is Age. I love items that are vintage, unusual and possibly morphed from what they used to be. What once was a shiny gleaming car axle on a 1920 Ford, has become a misshapen, rusty piece of art. At least in my eyes. Hidden for at least 70 years, buried under a movie theater on the edge of our town, it found a new home and a new purpose, when the movie theater was torn down. It now stands amongst my gardens, as a pedestal for another "aged" item found on the Oregon Coast; smoothed by the sea and covered with fossils. I love the contrast of new green growth and the solid beautiful colors of rusty metal and gray rock.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Give-Away-Prize Has Arrived from France!

OMG!! I was as excited as a kid on Christmas Day, as excited as a girl getting married, or as excited as someone winning the lottery! Yes, it is true. When I saw that package waiting for me on my dining room table, I jumped up and down with glee and clapped my hands. I even think a little squeal of delight popped out......LOL This was my first ever package from France! (Floss at Troc, Broc and Recup' had a lovely give-away, and I won!) I took it very slow and enjoyed every minute of the process, the beautiful and unfamiliar labels on the box, the cool way everything was packaged in MAPS! One package was wrapped with a button on a string which I will save and use as a bookmark in one of the two marvelous books. And oh the card, so beautiful, so very French, so very nice a sentiment inside. (yes, Floss I do indeed love my gifts!) Here are some photos of my new found treasures! Thank you very very much Floss for this wonderful prize. I can't wait to start paging thru these lovely books and of course, my next cup of tea will be in my new rose cup. :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday ~ Blessed ~ Sunday!

What an incredible day! Nothing really special. But it has been fun. Hubby and I started out going to the Ultimate Garage Sale at the baseball field, and tho it was no where near being Ultimate, it was still fun to see what they had. So since I didn't get to do much shopping there, we headed to Target to hit their clearance sales. Now I could shop and I hit pay dirt. Scarfed up some early Christmas gifts, some items for my daughter's home and some fun stuff for me. (I just got a laminator and needed some pouches to start) Off to breakfast at Cracker Barrel where I enjoyed their grits and french toast and lots of iced tea and of course the company of my guy. Then home to just putter around the house, getting my chores done before the work week. I am one of those strange people who actually likes cleaning my house.....LOL Made a big pot of stew and then plunked myself down in Football Heaven with a bowl of chocolate ice cream and pretzel logs. Broncos, Redskins, Colts and Giants! Getting sleepy. Must be the ice cream. Have a great week all! Nitey nite.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Closer!

Over at Razmataz this week, the photo challenge word is: Closer. So I decided to take a series of photos ~ getting closer and closer until what you thought was one thing, actually is another!

This is the lovely bookcase my husband made me for my dining room.

Lots and lots of great titles and few little decorative items. I just love the color of books!

"The Big Secret" is a favorite book of mine because on closer inspection.........

When you tip the book to the right, it turns out the bookcase opens up and it is actually a door to the attic. Ta da!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Reflection!

Reflection of Two women from Montana, in a mirror at Disneyland.

Reflection catching the Beauty and Laughter of this Fun & Crazy Moment.

Reflection of the Love between a Mother and her Daughter.

Visit Chania at Razmataz for other photos in the challenge. Photo credited to the wonderful "cast member" at Disneyland, in the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.
To view more photos of our incredible trip .

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Football Lover? Nah, Fanatic!

Today was the first home game of my beloved Griz. The University of Montana Grizzlies. The Silver and Maroon. "My boys", as I like to call them. Gathered my seat cushions, my Griz car flag, my Griz hat, my decal of a football going thru my Griz car window, and dressed myself in white, black and maroon. Had on my bling, my special earrings, and I was ready to join the other 25,000 Fan-atics! The town just pulses with the excitement of it, and everyone (except maybe the other team) is just smiling and having a good time. This town loves it's football and so do I. The game was a bit of a blow-out (the other team was a level below ours) as generally the first one is, and we beat them 73 to 2. It was a game filled with hot sunshine, a thunderstorm that emptied the stadium for a time, funny mascots, and great seat-mates. We were all curious to see the new uniforms, how the new coach would perform and whether or not we would make it on the Kiss Cam. (we didn't, this time) We stay until the team comes over and sings the fight song to our section, and then it is a tired but happy walk back thru our beautiful campus. Next game is Homecoming and I have to remember to buy my face tattoos! Go Griz!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photo Challenge ~ Egg ~ With a Twist!

Over at Chania's blog (Razmataz) http://razmatazblog.blogspot.com/ the challenge for today was Egg. Well, I had a number of ideas, but they all just fell flat. This was a hard one. Back and forth, back and forth, my mind just could not grasp a picture. I was ready to give up. Until, I looked down right next to my computer and there was my model! My constant companion whenever I blog, a gift from an old friend and a message so very true, "Chicks are Cool"!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Lunch 101

Whew, so far my start-up week has been a bit challenging to say the least. Usually, I have a set routine I follow. Lots of planning, lots of lists, lots of preparing. But this year, I had to let some of my tasks be taken over by others and the end result was not pretty. Orders were late or incomplete, rooms were not clean, dishes did not arrive. A bit frazzling! But in the end, I got my cafeteria and kitchen organized and decorated and most of the "problems" have slowly been resolved. And thru it all, the kids have been wonderful! My first lunch was a bit late ~ no problem. The pizza looks a bit strange (square??) ~ no problem. The milk cartons are sticking together ~ no problem. They take it all in stride and try to help where they can. I just adore them. We go on a first name basis, even tho they carry ID cards and have bar codes for scanning. From the get go, I thought it was too impersonal and have taken to writing their names down and scanning at the end of lunch. So I am also trying to memorize 160 names, but it is so worth it. The look on their faces when they have been recognized is priceless. Well, that is all from Lunch Lady Land for now. I need some sleep. Tomorrow is Chicken Tenders day and I just realized, did they deliver my BBQ sauce???