Friday, July 23, 2010

Off on Another Adventure!

Here I go again! Heading out tomorrow with my youngest (E. Charlotte from
http://echarlotte.blogspot.com/) for La La Land. As part of her birthday celebration (and her birthday theme this year was fittingly enough ~ Disney Princesses~) we are going to frolic at Disneyland and California Adventure. With side trips to Rodeo Drive and Laguna Beach. It will be a whirlwind trip, and we will pack it full of memories and fun. And of course lots and lots of shopping! I am in search of a Peter Pan hat this time, and we both are going to have our hair done at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique. And afterward? Why lunch at Ariel's Grotto with all the Disney Princesses in attendance of course! Off I go, time to get some sleep and gear up for a very different place than my little country cottage. See you next week!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunshine. Cherries. Herbal Iced Tea. Daughters.

These are only some of the joys of Summer. I could of course name hundreds more, but on this particular morning this is what I got to enjoy. Picked up my oldest to head to the Farmer's Market and got to see my youngest too. She was all dressed up for her special "birthday celebration" with her best friend and she was looking great and excited for a day full of fun. The Market was teaming with people and this week everyone was clamoring for the Flathead Lake Cherries. We have this beautiful lake north of us which produces the most yummy of red treats. Sugar Peas were the next to be bought and then a refreshing iced tea, black but with a hint of spices. Oh so good! We wandered, said "Hello's" to folks we knew and I found the cutest pair of earrings from a young girl who had little table set up along the street. I liked the sentiment on the silver disk ~ Live ~ and they were a steal at only $5.00. A young Scottish man gave us free scone treats (oh soooo good!) and we headed to lunch at a favorite Pizza place for Pesto Cheese Bread sticks and Sour Dough sandwiches. A most pleasant way to while away a morning.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I am Back and had Such a Lovely Time!

Hello! I have arrived home and feel refreshed and relaxed after a most awesome time on the Oregon Coast. I tell you, with the stresses one has in this life, all one needs is to get away, see something not only different but also familiar, sit back in a big ole leather chair, sip on a cold drink and read a wonderful book, while sitting on the edge of the world. I am going to let the following pictures tell the story of my most wonderful time with my love and the sea. Kit

First nights sunset! A very welcome, welcome!

Ahhh, to return to the sea.

Shopping. With the best view in the world.

More shopping!

Good food and a great place.
A crab, bacon and avocado treat!

Did someone say CRABS??

Let's do some sightseeing. Cape Mears.

Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Yaquina Bay, Newport, Oregon.

Learn something new. Glass Blowing.

I made this float.

Beachcombing for Agates and Seaglass. My hubby can keep track of me on the huge expanse of beach, in my yellow shoes....LOL

Beverly Beach. Our favorite place

Told the hubby to go and fly a kite.....LOL

Windy and a bit cold, but I don't care.


Visit the locals and take in a 4th of July parade down home style.

We have an Elvis sighting. And the genie from Aladin from the looks of it. :)

Ahhh, back "home" to write in my journal and just relax.

He's puzzling.

Our view. Saw 2 whales and 4 sea lions right off the rocks.

A good read is a must.

Very Happy Campers! Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed the trip. Kit