Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Will Be Gone for Awhile.

Just wanted to say, we head out tomorrow morn for sites on the Coast. We are so excited! I think I have remembered everything (knocks on wood) and the place is ready for my daughters to take care of. Boy that sure takes a load off one's mind. Having someone to come to your place to make sure the cat is loved, the gardens watered and that the house is still standing. We can relax a bit more knowing someone is wandering about and keeping an eye out. So until later, we bid you adieu! Kit

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Yesterday was the Official Start!

Of Summer, but it was also the start of something else. "The Get Ready for the Annual Visit to Oregon" day. We love love our mountain state to death, but there is something inside both me and my hubby that has us going back to the Oregon Coast each year. The call of the sea, the smell of the air, the taste of the crab! We need our fix....LOL For years, we have visited in various capacities: camped, RV'd, with kids, and now without kids. We have found a lovely condo to lease every year, right over the rocks and sea, that is without question the second prettiest place on this Earth! From the moment we walk thru that door, we are welcomed with 180 degree views of the ocean. The place itself is beautiful, outfitted in the nautical look we crave, a kitchen a gourmet would cherish (tho I am no gourmet cook...LOL) and the peace and quiet we so need in this crazy world. We are greeted by a bottle of wine (which we will partake of later in the hot tub or by the fireplace) and a sense that all we will need for the duration, is, each other, our jig saw puzzle, and the sea. As my husband said. "It can rain the whole time we are here, I don't care." This place releases us. We become artistic again, childlike, we find nothing as much fun, as looking for agates and glass and bits of shells. So, I better quit dreaming about it and get crackin'. There is alot to do. Now where did I put that puzzle? Kit

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II

Welcome to my space! I am happy to have you here. In this room, I create, I compute, I pay my bills and I relax. This once was my oldest daughter's bedroom but when I became an empty nester, instead of crying, I got out the plan book and the paint brush and off I went. I knew I needed storage, and lots and lots of shelves to feature our toy collection and treasures. Plus I had to have wall space for the art I own. Not Monet's or Van Gogh's, but pieces my daughter's have made me over the years, a bulletin board with ideas for future crafts, lots of counter top and a TV, so I can watch my Denver Broncos in the Fall. And it had to have COLOR! And PATTERNS! And be FUN! I love it, and I hope you will too.

These are the type of birdhouses I like to make, and meet "Daisy" a lovely doll my youngest girl made me.

Lots of room to paint, glue, sand and wrap presents!
I adore Mary Englebreit and was thrilled with a picture embroidered by my Mother and don't you just love the piece my daughter made? She "characterized" me for a very special treasure.

This wall holds some memorabilia from a lovely anniversary trip with my hubby to Disney World, a pottery I collect called Checkers and a little greenery for the Winter months, my late MIL's geraniums.

This special frame holds two squares of the original paint my oldest girl selected for her bedroom, I didn't want to totally erase from my mind what the room used to be. I lined the frame and added vintage buttons from my collection.

Everyone needs a wrapping area AND a crab!...LOL

My vintage earring and brooch collections, a limited addition signed print from Mary Englebreit herself (to help Haiti), and the tools of the trade.

A bit of sparkle and check out the birdhouse my youngest decorated for me. Vintage ceramic birds add just the right touch.

And when a project just won't come together right, I roll my chair back and look outside to my "other" work space, and before long, the head clears, an idea forms and ta da, the perfect solution comes to me.

Thank you for visiting and I can't wait to see all your wonderful spaces! Kit

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where Blogger's Create Party!

I may be too late to join, but go over to My Desert Cottage and enjoy the fun! Kit

Monday, June 14, 2010

Potting Up Day!

One of my favorite rites of Spring, is the day that I pot up all my flowers in my pots for display on my front porch and back patio. Earlier last week, my daughter and I went shopping at Pink Grizzly, a nursery established back in the 50's which is our favorite place to find all sorts of color. We had such fun, but now the work begins, but really, can it be called work when it is such a blast? :)

I use all terra cotta colored pots (but in plastic, they hold moisture better) and all I do is put a thin layer of newspaper in the bottom to keep the soil from leaking out (this also comes in handy when I compost all my pots come Fall, the newsprint just disappears over the Winter), I use a good potting soil and when I am all done, I sprinkle the pots with a time release fertilizer, that will last the whole Summer long.

This is my bounty! Zinnias, Million Bells, Impatiens, Begonias, Coleus, Marigolds, Geraniums, Pansies, Licorice Plant, and Lobelia.

I usually just squeeze the plants gently out of their containers, but sometimes I have to use an antique fork to coax them out into the world.

He is gorgeous and ready for the front step! But first he will be misted (along with all the others) to give them their first big drink to start them off right.

They look happy and pretty soon they will be filling their pots to the brim and causing lots of smiles to whomever graces my doorstep.

And as the sign says, you can find me in my garden. Probably getting the next batch ready to go, for their grand entrance into their first Summer. Happy Gardening! Kit

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another School Year is Complete!

I can't believe it! I am still expecting to have to go into work tomorrow and whip up some delicious meals for my kidlets. But no, ~ it is Summer Vacation! That is one of the reasons that I just adore my job. I started working for the school district when my kids were in middle school, mainly so I could be home when they were home. I always said the best job I ever had was being a Mom and now I also get to be "Mom" to 160 high schoolers. It is a fantastic place to work and I hope I can do it, forever! Anyway, tearful good-byes were said yesterday and now I am "free" to do all the little things I can't fit in, the rest of the year. I earn my keep by painting and repairing, and taking care of all the yard work. (A perfect arrangement since I don't mind doing any of those things) I started my first day off with sleeping in, (heaven) a visit with my cat and then a leisurely breakfast while checking Facebook. Then out came the records! I just love musicals and I use the summer to re-listen to all my old vinyls. First up? Carnival! To those wonderful tunes one can do all the chores in a household with a big smile and in "record" time.....LOL Did some painting on a new door for our new garage and then off to see my youngest to start buying our flowers for our container gardens. We had a blast! So many plants, not enough room! Million Bells, Geraniums, Begonias, Marigolds and Zinnias. Lovely. Well, I am burning daylight as they say, so off I go. I think I can get at least one container filled before the sun sets. How about a mixture of impatiens, coleus, and begonias?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Perfect Saturday!

I am pooped! When I woke this morn and saw the glimmer of the sun's rays (long forgotten lately) peeking thru my blinds, I knew this day would be a full one. I grabbed the hubby, a hasty breakfast and we were off to ~ Yard Sale! The first time of the year. And I wasn't disappointed. I found lots of little treasures: an old watering can, a magazine basket, 3 old tins, a lovely picture of the Madonna, 4 ladies watches from the 50's (which I will use for only the watch faces) and a beautiful brooch that may or may not have a real ruby in it. We ran all over town and everyone we met had big giant smiles on their faces. Sunshine can do that to one. When we could no longer ignore the hunger in our bellies, we stopped at the best bagel maker in town. Broadway Bagels. They have one called the Everything that is to die for. Garlic, onion, poppy seed, you name it and it is soooo good. I wolfed mine down before I even made it home. The rest of the day was spent doing projects around the house and yard. I hauled out the mower and made quick work of the lawn. Next I did some painting on my new garden shed and then put my over-wintered Geraniums on the front steps for the Summer. The place is starting to look great. We are shaking off our winter blahs and cloaking ourselves in Green! And it feels so good. Tonight we will watch Crazy Heart and sip a couple of brews. I just hope with all this fresh air today, I make it thru the whole picture.....LOL