Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Rest of the Birthday Story!

I was eagerly anticipating my party. What would the theme be? What treats would tempt me? Would I get crab legs for dinner? I was not to be disappointed. The theme was Mary Englebreit! Oh, the colors and patterns were fab. From the tablecloth to the paper lanterns, the lovely cake and the decorations on the windows (crafted from paper plates) I was in heaven. Plus, there were the largest silver balloons in the shape of my age, that I have ever seen. Those are bobbing behind me now and I bet they are around when I turn 56!....LOL Presents were presented and I loved them all. My youngest embroidered a picture of myself in my classic attire. Plaid shirt, shorts and my yellow clogs...LOL Oldest girl, knows my love for all things for my garden, and I got a green glass wind chime with a metal birds nest proudly sitting on top. And my love, gave me what I had asked for, an ice crusher. When I am dinking on the computer, there is nothing like eating a sno-cone! Off to dinner at the Outback for their steak and crab leg fest. It was delich. And I was treated to my fav drink, a Strawberry Daiquiri. Yummy! Home to cake and hot tea and a wonderful visit with my girls. The perfect way to end my birthday. I hope I get to live to the ripe old age of 82. That would mean I have 27 more wonderful extravaganzas to anticipate! :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's My Birthday!

55 years ago, a little girl was born in a big hospital in Camden, New Jersey. And she went on to be raised right across the river from Philadelphia in a little suburb called Pennsauken. Now she is all grown up and living in the West and having the time of her life! You know, a lot of people do not like celebrating their birthdays, but I figure, any reminder that I am still kicking and living above ground is a BIG reason to celebrate. So today, the party has started and will continue on for many more hours. Yippee! I work in a school and tho I had kept my mouth firmly closed (I like to celebrate, but I do not relish being the center of attention) the staff and students found out and then the fun began. Not only did I receive some lovely little presents, but one whole class room sang, "Happy Birthday" to me over the public address system, a group of kids made me a card and the hugs were constant! My husband showed up with a lovely bouquet of flowers and kisses and my youngest daughter came by bearing balloons. Then to top it off, the computer man came by, and asked if I wanted a new flat screen monitor for my old archaic computer! Of course! What a great present, and he didn't even know it was my birthday.....LOL Now home I am still smiling, two texts greeted me on my phone and tonight will be the EXTRAVAGANZA! A party with a theme, at my daughter's home and a dinner out with my family. I can't wait to see what they have "cooked" up for me. This message will have to have two parts.....LOL So I can share what happens next. Until later.......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation Day

Our little town is in celebration mode today. I live in a university town and today all that hard work and long hours has paid off for over 3,000 graduates. It is a perfect Saturday, puffy white clouds, lots of sunshine, high 60's and the town is speckled with silver and maroon balloons. They held the ceremony outside on the Oval this year, which must have looked spectacular, and thank heavens we didn't get any rain. I have been able to attend two ceremonies and have never been prouder of my two girls. My oldest has a degree in Wildlife Biology and my youngest's degree is in Chemistry. I can remember both days so clearly and the feelings of joy and pride made me the happiest mom on this earth. They had worked so hard, both paying for their education themselves, both working jobs to buy their textbooks and both finding wonderful careers for their futures. When you see your child march in wearing a cap and gown and huge smile, amongst so many, and you know they have made another big step to growing up, the happy tears flow. So, cheers to this year's grads and to their families who have supported them and given them the love that was needed to succeed. Enjoy your special day, take your grad out for a fancy meal and above all, cry happy tears!
My oldest daughter, with her Ice Hockey jersey number on her cap!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Mother's Day Poem

I have been so very lucky and have a two wonderful daughter's. My youngest is a talented writer and she makes me so proud. And for many of my Mother's Day celebrations, I receive a lovely poem. Here is one I would like to share. Kit

In Calm Recollection, My Mother
In calm recollection, since this day, last,
I am pleased by what I find,
When it comes to you, wonderful, granted,
But much more than just sweet and kind.
Yes, you, of a dreamer, the kindred of spirits,
A miracle worker, indeed.
Precise when you're weaving a heart with a love,
That I honestly know that I need.
Through a few simple words, I can escape a crazed world,
And revel in the sweetness of home.
An image, a symbol, of what there's to live for,
A category all your own.
For farther from you, my heart aches,
And I wish to run to your arms.
A promise of giving, and lighthearted glee,
Ward off all outer harms.
Safe in the glance of two beautiful eyes,
Comfort by the gentlest hands.
Spoken to by soothing words,
From a mind that understands.
With the purest of thought, and an honest stance,
A gracing smile, a spirit to dance.
In calm recollection I see it all,
These could not belong to another.
For no one else in time's long line.
Could ever compare to my Mother.
My daughter and I, 20 years ago.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Very First Mother's Day

The days have lined up and it turns out that my oldest daughter's birthday falls on the day of the week she actually was born. A Tuesday. So it got me to reminiscing, a lot. I was so very very very pregnant and pretty well done with the whole experience and it seemed like the end wasn't in site. The man, (of course it had to have been a man) who came up with due dates should have really considered the female mind and automatically tacked on an additional 2 weeks before he opened his mouth. Then we wouldn't have felt so betrayed when our own body failed to yield our little package in the correct amount of time. Anyway, I digress. My Doc had a wonderful idea and suggested I attend the Blue Angels air show that was visiting my town Mother's Day weekend, on hopes that all the excitement, exercise, the site of large airplanes, and the concern of being trapped in all that traffic would bring on labor. It didn't. Tho I had really hoped for a helicopter ride to the hospital. Sunday arrived and getting a bit cranky, I wondered where was my Mom's Day gift. Okay, I agree I had yet to produce the required child to actually celebrate, but hey, I was almost there! My darling loving husband who I thought the world of, explained to me that I "wasn't his Mother" and that I had't actually had a baby yet. You can see the fireworks from where you are sitting can't you?.....LOL A little while later I was presented with a blender. Now, don't judge, that is what I asked for. I thought I could whip up baby food but I actually used it for many many Strawberry Daiquiris over the course of the last 27 years. Monday arrived and it was just another day, I tweaked the nursery decorations, read, wandered and fretted. And finally went to bed, again, not really a Mom yet. But...... around midnight, my water broke! A sign, a clear sign, that I was going to have my baby, finally. Now I took all the classes and I knew in my heart I had hours of labor to go thru, but for some reason I decided I had to get to the hospital immediately. My husband asked if he could put his clothes on first, and away we went to spend the next 20 hours waiting for her to arrive. And arrive she did, and now I was truly a Mommy! Thanks J for making my blender legit!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Rest of the Bloomsday Story!

Well, we got to town thru sun, wind, rain and snow. Lots of snow on Lookout Pass. The mood was very high from the get go. We picked up our Cafe' Mocha's and the chatting and the fun began. Since it was May Day, I had surprised my girls with little gift bags filled with fun trinkets, car games, treats and of course a lilac corsage (lilacs are the flower of Bloomsday). It was so much fun having all 4 of us together again. Once we checked into our hotel (with a lovely view of the park and south Spokane) we headed for the Convention Center. We decided this year to mix it up a bit and to forgo IMAX for more time downtown. Once packets were retreived, we all were ready for Aunties Bookstore. And we were not disappointed. I just love bookstores that have used books mixed in with the new. I got a used copy of Jane Austen's, Sense and Sensibility and my girls found about 3 books each on all sorts of topics. We found looking at all that reading material sparked out appetites and decided to eat early at the Olive Garden. At 4:30 we got right in to a lovely table and since we had time to spare, lingered over some very yummy Italian donuts and coffee for dessert. Over to Boo Radleys and another new store they have opened called very fittingly, Atticus. I found a cool necklace with the Cheshire Cat and my girls found t-shirts and journals. A very fun shopping trip! Back to the room we just chilled and relaxed, watching of all things, a Nascar race, Lawrence Welk, and the movie, Leave Her to Heaven.

Up early, hubby headed to the start line and the girls and I got ourselves some breakfast and strolled over to the finish line. The day was cool but oh so sunny and all the trees were blooming there little hearts out and smelled so good. We got to see the winner go by, a very fast Kenyan. Then at about 52:15 here comes Daddy and he was doing real well and looking fine. We all met up at the park and it was a riot of color and activity. Lots of tired folk but lots of smiles. And bright grass green Bloomsday Finisher t-shirts. The drive home was relaxing and pretty quiet, we were tired, but it was a good tired. A successful weekend had been had!