Friday, April 30, 2010


Now for all you folks living anywhere else but the Pacific Northwest, this title probably means to you ~ flowers, Springtime, etc. But for my family it means ~ the Biggest Dogone Running Race in the area. When we moved back to Montana 20 years ago, we started attending this race (in Spokane, Washington) because my old man, is a very FAST old man. He has been running for over 40 years and does it very well. In the past 10 years we have made this a mini-family vacation and have included our two daughters. Both girls and myself have competed in this 7.46 mile race from time to time, and all I can say is that it is the biggest HOOT! Over 60,000 people converge on this lovely town, ready to have a wonderful time shopping, eating, wandering about Riverfront Park (site of the 1974 World's Fair) and oh yes, running the race on Sunday....LOL Spokane has alot to offer and we have a regular schedule we stick to for ultimate enjoyment. First off, we check into our lovely hotel and then it is off to get tickets to the latest IMAX movie. One year we caught Spiderman, and all I can say, no one should see a face enlarged that big. We wander thru the park, enjoying all the crowds, the vendors and the sound of the Looff Carousel in the distance. Off to pick up our packets and to the "shoe"fair where you can get lots of freebies and buy anything related to running. We are partial to Cool Max socks and caffeine laden jelly beans....LOL Now we head inside Boo Radleys (the ultimate toy store) for unusual items, and then it is time for our movie. This year I hear Hubble is being presented. Even with pop and popcorn we are starving and the only place to go in this town to carbo load is The Olive Garden. What a great atmosphere and the food is incredible. After such a meal, the only thing to do is walk it off a mite, straight to Aunties Bookstore. Where the girls search for their favorite authors and I pick up magazines I can't find in Montana. By this time we are about to drop, so it is back across the park to our warm room to read, snack and off to bed early. The main event is coming up!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How I Met my Home!

Good Morning! I am up early on this very fine Sunday and just found a wonderful blog (Our Suburban Cottage) that is having a House Party. Great stories about the houses we love. Here is my tale.

We happened upon our home in a round-about way. My husband had just hours before, had surgery on his wrist, so our search on this day would only last as long as his pain meds. After 3 houses, I was just not feeling the love and was ready to give up when the realtor mentioned another house. A very green house; on the walls, the carpet, the siding. Rather run down, and needing some TLC. When we pulled up, here was a home that reminded me of a children's drawing with it's boxy shape. Lots of chipped paint, a huge wheelchair ramp, but oh, the glorious blooming apple trees out front. When we stepped inside, the combined living room and dining area were flooded in light. All the owners furnishings were still in the rooms and it seemed like we had stepped back in time. (they were an elderly couple, and the gentleman had just passed away and the missus was in a nursing home) As I wandered the house, a feeling came over me, part sad and part jubilant. The feeling that a life was ending here, but also that one was about to begin. I felt that the house needed me and that I belonged here. It seemed to take forever before all the papers were signed and the house was ours on a lovely May day. But now almost 20 years later, we are still here, and we are still in love. We have raised our two girls here, did lots and lots of painting and remodeling, and planted many a tree and bush. We have put our stamp on this little place and I believe the past owners are very pleased and constantly surprised by us. Sometimes a feeling will come over me, and I can almost hear them say, " So what's next?!"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Out with old, in with the New!

Well, what an interesting week it has been. I have spent most of my time trying to fix my computer. I tried pleading to my computer, swearing at my computer, and finally conceding to her that she had won the battle, but lost the race. No amount of disks and recoveries, or scanning was going to help the old girl. She is off to the recycle center and in her place is a spiffy new Dell, which is black and slick, with a wide screen and a whole new look that I will have to get used to. I miss the old layout and I had gotten so accustomed to exactly how to get to exactly where I wanted to, so this is going to take some time. But this new girl, is quite enticing. She is so fast, and easy to use and Windows 7 is pretty cool. Where before I had to shut all my applications down just to update a program, I can now run 4 at a time. Or maybe even more. I haven't tried that yet...LOL Thru this process I have learned something about myself. Where once (back in 2000) I thought, "Why in the heck do I need a computer?" Now my thoughts are, "I NEED A COMPUTER!!" I had severe withdrawal from the get go. I couldn't check my mail, couldn't update Facebook, no blogs to read? Yikes! I realized I use my computer as some folks use cigarettes. I come home from work, I want my computer. After dinner, yep, the computer. I got so cranky, I finally called my husband and said, "Tonight, you and me. Best Buy and the latest ad. Be there!" The store was great (I love finding the geekiest guy - he knows all the inside scoops about the machines) it took us hardly an hour and I even had a new printer thrown in that I swear does so many things I bet it will even fetch me coffee. So, now I am calmer and very happy. And ready to learn everything there is to know about my new "best friend". Don't you just love new relationships?

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I must say, that for the past week, I really don't think too much has happened. So I just have a few things to mention, which I will call Snippets. Snippets of Life. Those little events which do not make a whole story, but are what has occurred in my life, over a given time. The time period, a week.

~ First off, I have been taking care of, distracting, feeding and otherwise, mothering my youngest girl. She has been in the throes of a Dental Nightmare, which she still has a little time left to wake from. She has tried to remain "up" and find the humorous aspect of it (check out her blog at but I can tell, this is starting to wear her down. A lesser woman would have lost all her spirit by now. But things are improving. We were able to go shopping today, we visited her Dad at the Mall where his car was on display, picked up Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and she was able to eat a Hamburger. And keep it down! Hooray! Let's hope next week goes a lot better.
~ Spring really arrived in the form of temps in the high 60's and 70's and the whole town came outside for the party. Cars were washed, ice cream was licked and folks walked everywhere. We are now starting to see little green fuzz on all the trees and the leaves that froze on the trees last Fall, are now falling. Looks very strange. I have pruned my roses, and cheered on the bees arriving to my Red Maple. And have paused (quite a lot) to let the sun just shine on my face. :)

~Finished my skirt for my laundry room sink, and am working on the placement for the "bubbles" that will accent my walls. These are vinyl wall art circles and will really add a nice punch to the room. Also, came up with an idea to add material to my new shelf, but that is still in the planning stage. Hubby has to help with removing the pegs first.
~Had a meeting with all the Head Cooks in the district, and found out they want to shake everything up by moving some folks around. Argh! I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! I talked to my boss and asked right out if I should be worried. She assured me to Breathe Easy. Whew, I certainly hope so. That school is my home and those students are my children!

Well, that is about it. I am off to watch a movie with my hubby and maybe even have a beer. May you all have an incredible Sunday!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Dream is unveiled!

Today is a special day for my hubby. My guy (in the words of Oscar Hammerstein) is a wonderful guy. Hardworking, a good father and husband and he never asks for much. One of his dreams throughout his life was to build a car. Hot Rod? Classic Car? A Tuner? Nope, it has got to be a Cobra! That's the ticket. But, the reality of life settles in and one has bills to pay, a mortgage, a full time job, children to raise and how can you set aside the funds for an extra like that. You really can't. So the dream goes on hold for many many years. But there is something else about my guy; he is an incredible wood carver (in his spare time). He started carving on the carousel project in our town and from there went on to many projects. And one was a mini-carousel of strange Finkosel characters that he created with his friend. It was a lark, a fun project to just do. I always thought, who in the world would want something as strange as that? In enters a man who fell in love with it at the Detroit Car Show and bought it. Really? Wow! And for a pretty penny. All of a sudden the dream started to stir. He did the research, we crunched numbers, and on a day in July, the phone rang (while we were motoring down the coast of Oregon) and his Kit Car was on it's way from New England to Montana. Joining it would be the "donor" car from Arizona, a mustang which would be given a new life as a F.F.R. Cobra! So for almost 2 years and only working on it on Wed. nights, and Saturday afternoons, today it is finally finished. My guy is soooo excited and will bring it by the house today to take me out for it's first spin. I have not seen the completed car and I can't wait to see which is more beautiful, the car or the smile on my guy's face.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Oh how I love this holiday! It brings out the kid in me. I remember we used to get these wonderful chocolate eggs, that were like a little gift box, and inside were chocolate kisses. And a lot of my friends didn't get them, but got coconut eggs, or those strange fruit and nut ones (yuck) so these made me feel very special. We always got an Easter outfit and I adored getting all dressed up. Patten leather shiny shoes, a frilly dress and always a hat. We would promenade all over the neighborhood after church and again I felt so special. (I am the youngest in the pict) When I had my girls, it was my turn to make them feel special. We had all sorts of fun events leading up to the big day. From making Easter bonnets, to having our very own egg hunts, to the dying of the eggs. This was their Daddy's area of expertise! We would set up our special white glass mugs (used especially for this task so you can see the colors better) in would go the vinegar and water and the special fizzy tablet. The girls would take turns, with the youngest one always plopping her eggs in with a flourish and a resounding "Plop and crack" They would stir and stir until the eggs were just the color they wanted, and then out to dry and to add stickers or little hats and faces. But the fun wasn't over just yet. Out would come the paper towels and paint brushes and my young ladies would "paint" with the dye and make the loveliest of pictures. Then for the finale, the swirling would begin. Both sitting up on the counter, their Dad would pour the dye, ever so slowly and carefully into the sink, adding the colors they would tell him to, to make the most interesting combinations, as they spiraled down the drain. A round of applause as the final cup was emptied and the big smiles told me all I needed to know - they felt very special.