Sunday, March 28, 2010

Being a Mom

Sometimes it is downright challenging and a little scary, to be a Mom. You hope you get it right occasionally, and when you can assist twice in one weekend and make it thru in shining colors, it feels great! My youngest called and needed some help with a project she is building at her house. With the promise of a cup of coffee, I headed over. She had the electric saw, the wood, but didn't really want to risk running it when alone. Good move. Now I usually leave all use of power tools to my hubby, I am a day-dreamer and I just know I would end up cutting something off. Good move. But seeing the expectant look on my daughter's face, I gathered all my courage and testosterone and said - we'll give it a shot. I was nervous and a bit shaky. But I put my hands where they should be, watched out for the electric cord and I fired up the saw. Noisy bugger. I sliced thru that first board in record time, looked down and I was still whole. We did it! We cut all the 2x4's and I came out unscathed. High fives all around and we felt great. And seeing the smile on my daughter's face was well worth the new gray hairs....lol
Today, she texted me and needed some advice (not regarding tools!) and I gave her a jingle. I told her what I thought and what she should do, and I think she gained something from the exchange, cause as we finished chatting and she got herself ready for a trip to Spokane, she told me "Thanks so much for calling, I feel better already." I could almost hear her smile and that did my heart good. So three cheers to all those Mom's out there, for when we DO get it right! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Break is just Around the Corner

I am excited! After work tomorrow I will begin my Spring Break. Ahh, visions of sunbathers romping on the beaches of Florida come to mind. Sipping brewskis and trashing motel rooms. Ending up in a video doing God knows what, splashed all over YouTube for eternity! Hmmm, I don't think so.....lol My idea of a great Spring Break, is having a list a mile long, my husband ready and able to assist and the pleasure of working around my home. Getting a full week to just get things done, is enough to make me feel like I have won the lottery! And I can't wait to start. But of course, first the most important thing has to happen - sleeping in! Oh the feeling of not having to wake to the buzzer, the music, the cat! To slowly rise and stretch and know I do not have to be anywhere at that particular moment. Bliss. A leisurely breakfast and then I don the work clothes. On the docket this year is: yard work and clean-up, awning and front step maintenance, frame some pictures, sew up my new sink skirt, hang a new shelf for collectibles, decorate for Easter, watch all the Oscar nominated movies, finish the taxes, and take a day trip. Off to Coeur D' Alene, ID for their exceptionable Red Lobster restaurant (best service in town!) and their antique stores (especially my fav. ~ Wiggetts) I always manage to find something that I just can't live without. Such a beautiful drive and it erases the cabin fever one gets in a mountain state. Hubby and I talk the whole way and it feels good to give each other our undivided attention for 3 hours. There you have it, the master plan. Now let's get this party rolling!

Monday, March 22, 2010

An Anniversary Story

Today is my 32nd wedding anniversary. I met him at a company picnic, he offered me his jacket when I got cold and the rest is history. I had never fell so hard before. I went home and told my mother, "I have met the man I am going to marry." She said it's about time! ....LOL (I was very choosy who I dated) Both my sisters had married early and my mother kidded me, that instead of making me a Hope Chest, it should be called a Struggle Box. Well, the joke's on them, my marriage lasted, theirs didn't, sadly. He is a wonderful man, kind, sensitive, handsome, hard worker, a great father and above all; my best friend. Our life together has been a great adventure. We traveled, made our home in over 10 different places, had two beautiful girls, and we still can't wait to see each other at the end of the day. I can remember my wedding day down to each little minute (I am sure all you ladies can) and the one defining moment that would tell me I had definitely found my Prince Charming was in the receiving line. My poor husband could not for the life of him, keep back the tears. Folks gave him tissues, hugged him and his men friends consoled him....LOL But later, all joking aside, he was to tell me why. He said, he couldn't believe he had found me and that he had got to marry me. Now, I am nothing extraordinary to be sure. Just a simple woman. But he made me feel, like the most prized person in the whole wide world. And for 32 years, he has continued to do so. He's definitely a keeper.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's Spring!

I am on cloud nine! Today was my first day outside to do my yearly Spring clean-up in my gardens. Now just so you don't think I am a Super Woman or something, I actually only got my South Bed and my Front Gardens done. With my trusty side-kick, Sam the Cat by my side, we clipped the stems and stalks, and raked away some of the extra mulch that I put down in the Fall. Always amazes me how much of the shredded leaves are gone by Spring. Mother Natures plant food. The day was sunny and mild with a temp of 61 degrees. Awesome. Already, the place is looking better. I washed the foundation and basement windows and took some time out to chase the cat with the hose (he loves water!) My unused muscles are feeling a bit tired and I have a small blister on one hand, my battle scars of a day well spent. Pretty soon my yard will go from this: To this, and I love watching the transformation! It puts a smile on my face and bounce in my step.And why? In the words of a favorite song of mine: "......And the obvious reason is because of the season, Ma Natures' lyrical with her yearly miracle, it's Spring, Spring, Spring!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Haven

Over on Autumn Living (a great blog!) she posed the question. "Do you have a special place?" One where one can recharge, be left alone, do what one wants, etc. And I do! This room is my haven, it used to be my oldest daughter's bedroom but when she grew up and got her first apartment, the design was drawn up, the paint cans came out, and I started work.I knew exactly what I wanted: A room where I could do my crafts, wrap gifts, pay my bills, dink on the computer, show off my collectibles and put up all the art I had collected. We started with an all white room (walls, trim, furniture and shelves) except for my husbands vintage childhood desk that we kept it's natural wood color. I added colorful boxes that I found at Michael's to store all my craft items, pretty buckets for colored pencils and special scissors, and brought out all the toys and kitschy items that I have collected for years and never really had a place for.I hung some wonderful art that my children have created, cases with vintage baubles, my prized Checkers Pottery and one whole section holds all the lovely poems my youngest daughter has written to me over the years. I must admit it is a jumble of pattern and color and I just love it. Welcome!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day

What a fun holiday! Everywhere you look, everyone is in green. They sport funny shamrock glasses, ropes of green beads, green tights, green socks, why I even saw some green tutus! I love that folks really get into it. At this time of the year in Montana, the only green we are seeing even with Spring arriving on Saturday, are people on this particular day.....lol so it is very welcomed. I sported my green plaid shirt, green apron and my green earrings. I handed out Irish Cream hard candies (I hear they taste just like the cocktail - only no alcohol) to the teachers and staff, and played Irish music on my work computer. It made it very festive! Earlier in the week, I snuck into my daughters house and left behind a little gift from the leprechauns. Every year I like to do up a gift bag of little items for them to celebrate with (this is my oldest daughter's favorite holiday). This year I found a slate plaque with an Irish Blessing, some really cool shamrock socks, a bag of afore mentioned Irish candies, a wee tiny Leprechaun bowler hat and a little bit of "gold" (actually some mad money)...lol It was a lot of fun and the girls loved their treasures. Normally I would have made up a Corned Beef dinner, but time ran out with a quick trip to the vet with my youngest girls sick cat, so that will have to wait till this weekend. That's okay, I still have some green to don, and some extra candy and I don't think the neighbors will mind if I leave my giant lit shamrock up in my front window a little longer. So, I am about to have a beer, watch a little of the "Quiet Man" and relax while I listen to the strains of Wild Colonial Boy. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings Time

No, this isn't going to be a rant or rave. The yeah or nay. The why or wherefore. But boy am I tired today. I went to bed yesterday at my regular time, to just toss and turn and think over and over again, "It really is only 8 o'clock." I think I fell asleep finally about 11. And of course, morning came calling an hour earlier than I prefer. Again I was thinking, "It really is only 5 o'clock." Which gave me approx. 7 hours of sleep. Not nearly enough. Thank heavens for lots and lots of hot water and a water heater that just keeps producing. That coupled with some strong tea and I was out the door to do my bestest. In the dark - again. I had just gotten used to watching the sunrises over Mt. Sentinel as I motored to work. Bummer. But on the flip side, it is now almost 8 o'clock and it is still light out. Good for that group of folks who like to wander about at night. A lot of people had trouble with this day today, so I have an idea. They should make the day after Daylight Savings Time (in the Spring) a National holiday! Give us the day off and let us get ourselves acclimated. Let's ease into this time warp and while we are at it, Starbucks could offer us free coffee. Now that's the ticket! Hmmm, a nice dream. But for now, I intend to slide into the hot tub, then curl up with an un-interesting book, in my cozy bed and go to sleep at 9 o'clock and hope for the best. Thinking the whole time - "It's really only 8 o'clock."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Annual Physicals

Argh! I know they are the smart thing to do, something we shouldn't put off, and it is a great way to ease one's mind. But yikes, what an ordeal! Wouldn't it be great if it could be like in Star Trek, and "Bones" could just run a scanner the length of our bodies and ta da - instant results. And we wouldn't even have to remove our clothes. Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind so much, if I was, say, Heidi Klum, or Jennifer Aniston. I bet they don't even feel the need to wear the paper outfit. There is not a wrinkle or hair out of place. Me? I need TWO paper outfits, a blanket and I want to keep my socks on....LOL And of course we are all nervous, so our blood pressure goes way up, you regret you didn't use the restroom when they offered you the chance and now even tho you schedule these visits in the cold winter, you start to "glow" like mad! The doctor enters and always asks, "How are you?" And if I were honest, I would say, "Very uncomfortable, self-conscious, and I really hope my lunch isn't going to cause me any gastric upset!" I will be very happy today, after 5 o'clock. By then I should be back in my clothes, wandering around the parking garage looking for my car, and desperately needing a strong cup of coffee or better yet, a stiff drink. I can then cross off one more thing on my to-do list and relax, at least for another week or two. Coming up, the Mammogram. Argh!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Road Trip!

Just back from a visit down the Bitterroot Valley and the town of Hamilton. I picked the perfect day for it, to be sure. Temps hovering around 62 degrees, full sunshine, snow on the mountain peaks and not too many crazy drivers....lol This valley is known for it's slogan - Pray for me I drive 93! This is the valley I arrived to, way back in 1970, a young girl from New Jersey and it still takes my breath away and makes me grin. It is just simply ~ beautiful. Of course it is more grown up, and filled in, but you can still motor down the highway and see the early spring calves, yards full of chickens, hawks circling the fresh plowed fields, and folks riding their horses along the road. Always with a wave and smile. I always feel like I have stepped back in time; a simpler time.

I went down to visit my Mother, to do some chatting, brunching and shopping. My favorite trio! I take her to the Signal Bar and Restaurant and it is lovely. When we came in the door, the hostess said, "Come on in, what can we feed you today!" Now that is a great greeting. If you are ever in the area, this is the restaurant I would recommend. Very classy and posh, and with awesome French toast and coffee! The town of Hamilton also has it's share of great second hand and thrift stores. We hit three of them and I wasn't disappointed. Came away with a silver based clear glass candy dish and two yards of fabric for my laundry room sink. Mom found a bread box she had been looking for too. And all so cheaply. Now that is what I call a fun time. I took the back way home down the East Side Hwy, and it was slower, prettier, and if you squinted your eyes just a bit (something I don't recommend when driving usually) you could almost imagine it was the late 1800's and you were a farmer on one of these huge parcels of land, heading toward that little white house in the meadow, and dinner was on the table and a fire was in the grate and all was well with the world. :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Killing Some Time

You see, my head is covered in hair dye and all I trust myself to do is go on the computer and sit still. I can't tell you how many times after coloring my hair, I have found blobs of purple dye (why is it purple, when my hair dye is red?) everywhere. And the worse one was getting it on the paneling in the bathroom. Yikes! That took forever to get off before the hubby came home. So I am waiting for the timer to go off and then - ta da- no more gray! Now I am not one of those ladies that obsess over getting older, and if my whole head would go gray, then I would embrace it. But it is only around my face and I think it adds about 10 years to me and that I do not like. So every two months I come home with my little package of Natural Instincts, color: Navajo Bronze, make sure I have the house to myself, pop in my Carole King CD. (remember their commercial where the woman is singing into her hair brush - "You make me feel like a natural woman." And her husband comes in and she screams? Cause he caught her coloring her hair?) Well, ever since, it just seems fitting to play that CD and dance around the living room with my new head of hair. Of course once it is all rinsed out and dry, or I would be having problems in the blob dept. again......lol Doing this just makes me feel so good about myself and I am amazed how many people do not even realize I do it. Way to go Clairol! Beep, beep, beep, beep, - time to go - a new woman is about to emerge! :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

A reminder of a good time

Well, my beloved Olympics are over. I can't say I was really thrilled with the Closing Ceremonies, but I did enjoy seeing all the athletes enjoying their time together. The next time Canada puts on a show, they really need to contact James Cameron, Baz Luhrmann, or Tim Burton.....lol Tho I did love the fact that they could laugh at themselves, with the bit with the clown and the re-lighting of the torch. I had felt bad from the beginning that the young lady didn't get to light her side. Good move Canada. Of course like any good American, I watched the hockey game (tho it really is not a sport I follow, but I do love these movies - Slapshot and Mystery, Alaska - does that count?) and I am very glad Canada won. I think it meant more to them than us and from the way they celebrated, it was perfect that they could go out on a high note, since the Olympics started on such a low one with the passing of luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili.
To mark the event for my daughters I ordered from British Columbia (our neighbors to the North) two pair's of the beautiful red mittens that the Torch bearers wore along the route. The hottest souvenir I hear. They got here just in time and are wonderful! The girls were so surprised and just love them and can't wait to wear them around town and out skiing. A nice way to remember an incredible event. I am already looking forward to 2014! Hmmmm, I wonder what can I order from Russia?? ;)