Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Green Shoots

We all know I love Winter. The long months fill me with a time to meditate, nest, and regroup. But there is something that occurs each year that signals to me that it is time to start "waking up" and prepare for the coming months of Springtime. I was scouring my kitchen sinks the other day and I glanced up and out my window, and lo and behold - they were up! Barely poking up through the ground and close to the foundation of my neighbors house, I could spy, little green shoots. My neighbor has a bank of Daylilies along the west side of her house and they are my first sign that Spring is coming. So even tho I am sure we will have more cold weather, and maybe even a snow storm or two, Mother Nature has told these flowers that it is time to start growing and with that message, I have started to get excited and have started to set my sights on warmer days, and the hope that my world will again return to green, instead of white. I can wait, and be patient now. It will come when it is time, just like the Daylilies.


  1. Kit ~ I can only imagine what it must be like to be buried under snow for months at a time. I would be eagerly awaiting spring.

    What color are your neighbors' daylilies?

    Here's hoping spring comes to you soon.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

    P.S. I like your new profile picture. Where was it taken?

  2. Oh lovely!

    I am enjoying your blog.... Hope you will come by and say hi!


  3. Flowerlady! That picture was taken last summer on Beverly Beach on the Oregon Coast. Where I go every year. The sun was setting,and my hubby was snapping picts. My neighbors daylilies are orange and very pretty!

    Liz, thank you! I will come and visit you too!
    ~ Kit ~

  4. Green? You see green? Ahhhhhh, lovely! I see a lot of white and gray still, but the temp got up to 36 this afternoon, and the sun felt wonderful!!!