Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A fog has lifted. Is it the new meds that I quit three weeks ago, finally getting out of my system? Is it because February is ending and I can sense that Spring is just around the corner? Or is it the two cups of coffee I had today?...LOL Either way, I feel energized and ready for whatever comes next. Work went great, I cleaned and organized and prepared a great lunch of Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, Corn, Peaches and Spice Cake. The kids hit me in droves and I sold out in no time at all. I had time to update my Olympic display case, pull my items for tomorrow and finish the menu for March. And I got out on time. Yeah! Plus, my youngest girl emailed me (she is my email buddy at work) to say she was free for lunch. So I picked her up, and we tiddled all over town, eating and chatting away about her job, our blogs, anything that came to mind. Then after I dropped her at the University, I got a call from the oldest girl. She wanted to know if I was free for dinner. Of course I was! So I will pick her up at 6 and we will hit the Club. (her fav spot for burgers) Tho I like the Caesar Salad and Cheesecake myself. It will be great to catch up on her life so far.

In the meantime, I need to really get back down in the basement and go thru my old cans of paint and such. I want to recycle them come Haz Mat Days and I know they are so old, I can't use them. They will free up space for me to use the old cupboard for my collectibles. I find it easier to change out my decor each season when my items are on shelves instead of packed in boxes. Having a new area is so exciting! I get such a thrill out of re-organizing a space for best usage. Call me crazy!....LOL Now if I can just get my girls to come by for the big folding banquet table (they want it for their laundry room) my storage area is going to be looking pretty good!

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