Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football Heaven!

Yep, I am geared up and ready for the Championship games today. Do not call, do not visit, (or if you do, be prepared for my inattentiveness.....LOL ) I have got my snacks, my grape juice and my remote! Okay, for the first game, I am okay with either team winning. I love Sanchez and it would be such a thrill for the young man to go to his first Super Bowl in his rookie year. He is one class act. I have always loved Peyton Manning, but I was also very peeved when the Colts coach pulled the main players during a game and they lost their undefeated season. Bad move. Second game, that is a no-brainer: GO VIKINGS! Come on Favre, show those other teams what they could have had with you at the helm. Older can be better.....LOL

From yesterday's events, here are a couple of picts. Em's fancy Pinstripe Pretties and my awesome embroidery tote bag!

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  1. Love those shoes! :) Hope you had fun watching the football games! Vikings was a hard one to watch! My poor boy! He was so bummed! LOL.