Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coffee, and lots of it!

Just in from a wonderful lunch with my oldest. I was just about to put on my grungy clothes and head downstairs to open a can of paint, when the phone rang. The proverbial "saved by the bell".....LOL. She wanted to meet up at the Club and have a chat fest. We had a great time; she is doing great with her job and her training as a ski patrol EMT and just enjoying the life that I gave her. That is always the news that a Mom wants to hear. We want our children to do things they love and to be happy. That is all I ask of them. That and to watch my house and cat each summer while I party on the coast....LOL

Now home, I really need to get going on my projects. But I think with having such a full day yesterday, I am not really in the mood. But the endless cups of coffee will prevail, and I will get my butt out of this chair and complete at least 3 on my list. Maybe 4.

Way to go Minnesota Vikings! I am so thrilled for them, what a great team and tho I never used to be a Favre fan, he has alot of class and is having such a great year, I hope they do the job and go all the way to the Super Bowl. I taped the game and look forward to seeing the highlights tonight over dinner.

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