Sunday, September 17, 2017

Rain, finally Rain.

And what a relief! This is what the sky looked like last Sunday from the top of the building that my youngest works in at the University. We have mountains, do you see any mountains? Very unhealthy and depressing. But on Thursday we got rain and on Friday, more rain and snow in the mountains. And it has been working it's magic on putting the fires out. I think this is one state that does not mind the end of summer. In fact, we are so over summer and are cheering on Fall! This whole coming week has rain each and every day, and do I mind? Not one bit. Bring it on!

Second home game of the year and there we are, ready to cheer on our team. I just love, adore, can't get enough of, Football! In fact right now as I type I have the New England game on just so I can listen to it. 

 I call this still life. Pizza and Bracelet! And it was mighty good. 

This is my view, and lookie there, blue skies! It was a picture perfect day with puffy clouds and cool temps (54) We won, but suffered a horrible loss in that our quarterback broke his ankle. The crowd was stunned, and the team from Savannah, Georgia was wonderful and did a prayer circle for him. I hear he is doing well, but he won't play the rest of his last year. So sad. 

I am getting into nesting mode with the cooler temps. I have to admit, when I get to this part of the year, I am done with gardening (thank heavens I do not live in a year round warm state). I am ready for the cooking of the stews, the baking of the biscuits and the sitting on my tush. 

Isn't this the most gorgeous picture? A Monte Dolack. Of Glacier Park. Found for a song at a yard sale this year. I can't remember how many times I have driven up this road and it is so beautiful and a bit scary. A great way to remember our time living up in Kalispell, MT. Well, off I go, rugs need to be put back down, dinner needs to be started and of course, there is football to be watched. Always, Kit

Saturday, September 9, 2017


In a bad movie musical back in the 70's, Lost Horizon, there is a line in one song. "Can there be too much sunshine?" And yes, I do believe there can. We are going on 3 months of no rain and high temps and for a place with lots and lots of trees, this does not bode well. But, in the weather predictions we are seeing three days next week that are showing rain! We are all giddy with excitement and it has given us hope and the energy to keep a goin'. And by the way, I own the soundtrack of the above musical and though the movie was pretty bad, I liked the music. Always been a Bacharach fan. 

I am on another kick again.We have cable, and about a bazzion channels (but nothing to watch) and one day, I click on the Sundance Channel and ta da, there it is my all time favorite show ever. And I mean ever. Law and Order. The original. And they were showing the very early shows (the ones that most channels do not show). I set up a program and I was set. After work I settle down on my couch with my cat and we enjoy non gory crime with Lenny, Mr. Big (Chris Noth), Mike Stone and Paul. Such a well written show and Lenny has the best lines. Did you know, he started out on the show playing a lawyer? 

Spending today taking down some of my summer decor and thought I would share some pics. I have the sound of College football on the TV (love it!) and I have been going out periodically to check on the hubby. He is currently putting new brakes on my Jeep. I have to make sure he is not trapped and screaming for help. So far so good. Isn't this boat a dream?! Found at a Flea Market. I came around the corner, saw the color and instantly fell in love. And the seller even let me bargain and I got it cheap. 

Now if only this car was full size and drive-able. It would be my perfect car. Gorgeous isn't she? Found in Oregon in a shop I was not really enthused about. Lots of furniture and junky stuff and then my eye spied this little beauty.Would she fit in my suitcase? Oh yes she would.

You would think with all the nautical items I collect, that we live by the sea, no, but we do vacation there every year. We look on Oregon as our second home. This tin called to me as I was getting into the car in Florence, Oregon. It was in the window of the shop and I told the hubby to wait just a minute. The next thing he saw, was myself walking into the display and grabbing this tin. Worth the effort and the slight embarrassment.

I have a major thing for clocks. They are everywhere in my home. This beauty was found in an old store and it had a little label that said, "Sorry, it sometimes works." I didn't care, it was gorgeous and it had a Sternwheeler on it. And when it is working the little wheel on the back of the boat turns. Charming! 

This lampshade was the biggest surprise, steal, emotional sale I have made. I grew up with Rooster and Roses china and started to collect it when I was older. I have amassed a collection of over 75 pieces and to find this original lampshade was so lucky. It was in a closeout sale at an antique store, in a bin and was only $1.00. I knew exactly what it was when I saw it. Water stains and aged, it is a beloved treasure to me. :) Off I go, time to finish my clean-up and check on the hubby. Always, Kit

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Week Under my Belt

And boy am I tired. Not so much physically tired, but mainly mentally. I have many lists and forms and procedures that I go thru in order to open up my kitchen for service. But even the best list can't account for a new computer system, new products and 80 new students with 80 new names to memorize. For some reason in my old brain, I am able to look at a student and after a few times of them telling me their first name, I get it. From then on, they are Emily, or Brandon or Dylan. They are not their ID number, they are not just a kid out of many. And I discovered over 23 years ago, students love it when you call them by name. Who wouldn't? Anyway, all is set up, I met some great new students who are so thrilled to finally be at Willard (you have to apply and be chosen). And my kitchen feels like home, and a safe place for a kid to fall if necessary.

I am so lucky, and for over 10 years now, I get to celebrate the first day of school with a special gift from my youngest. She never forgets and I find I look forward to it like Christmas morn. I never know where it will be. Sometimes it is in my car, other times waiting in my kitchen on my desk, but this year it was here:

Waiting on my front porch bench, all color and sparkle and filled to the brim. Oh goody! I think she gets as much fun out of buying me all these treasures, as I do opening them.

As you can see, there were a lot of great items. I have to say I am covered for school supplies for this year. My favorite item is at the top of the pic. The school bus box. *swoon* I have been in love with school buses forever. And you can't help but feel great about yourself when your daughter gives you some form of a Wonder Woman toy each year, cause that is how she sees you. *double swoon* This year I got the coolest action figure with the Lasso of Truth!

Isn't this the cutest pin, ever! My good friend gave me this present to wear this year. And I love it and wore it proudly on my apron.
Above is where you will find me 6 Saturdays in the Fall, Washington-Grizzly Stadium and that is where I was yesterday. We had our first home game. I donned my Griz Hat, my Griz bracelet, my Griz beads, grabbed our Griz flag and headed to campus. The place was jumping and in spite of the heat (94 degrees) and smoke in the air, 26,000 fans showed up. We have been going to games for about 27 years now and the thrill of our team running out of the tunnel with the band playing our fight song, never fails to excite me. And we won! And my throat is showing the effects of being a little too loud in the screaming department. :) 

Signs of Fall. Hubby is a runner and comes back with little gifts. Chestnut pods, acorns, sticks (courtesy of my favorite Osprey Iris) and early leaves. Still so hot and no rain in the forecast. But I am hopeful it will come soon. Until then, off I go to water my pots. Happy Labor Day! Always, Kit

Saturday, August 26, 2017

This, That and The Other

Quiet morn. Nice. Cats are sleeping and it is cool and clearer outside. We have been having a lot of trouble with forest fire smoke settling in our valley. It makes for watery eyes and cranky women. But I will not complain, at least I am not near the Lolo Peak fire and I feel for the ones who are. All day I can hear the drone of helicopters and borade planes. Trying to stop the destruction, but we know from living here, it won't stop until the first snow. We get some relief with the winds shifting and then we behave like we have just been given the best gift in the world. Everyone flows outside and tries to get done what needs to be done before we must all hide in the house again. But winter is coming and with it, relief. Below are some pics of the sky behind my house last week, those are not clouds, that is a smoke plume, and it was a doozy.

Eclipse Day arrived and I was so excited. I love stuff like this and in fact I was living in Kalispell, MT in 1979 when it happened before and I have the t-shirt to prove it. This time we wouldn't see totality but what we saw was pretty cool. My hubby and oldest girl set up shop in my back yard and we shared a pair of glasses that a friend gave us. When the big moment came (11:32) we toasted with champagne and it was marvelous! 

 I love how in the bottom photo you can see the sun's rays coming down on our heads from above. 

Youngest girl and her boyfriend went to Challis, Idaho to get closer to the path and she said it was such a surreal experience and very cool. Here she is with her glasses and sporting the t-shirt from 1979. 

Well, the meetings are over and I have been to my school to set up for the first day on Monday. It feels good to have it all ready to go. I am head cook and bottle washer at an Alternative High School and it is the best job I have ever had. This is my way of giving back. And my immense pleasure to do so. Always, Kit

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Winding Down

It is creeping up on me. My summer vacation's end. By the end of next week, I will have been back to work setting up my kitchen and cafeteria. Getting it all ready for my kids on August 28th. I am excited! I always am. I can't wait to see those faces and get those hugs. I love my teenagers. So I have been finishing projects around the place. Keeping things watered and mowed and realized I hadn't shared any pics of my yard. It has been a chore this year to keep everything hydrated, so very dry this summer. But I did and my plants are pretty happy. As you come down the West side of my house, this is the first area you see. Golden Glow, Globe Thistle and Spirea. In the pot, Geraniums and Marigolds. At the base of the chair, Lily of the Valley.

My lovely and functional garden shed built by my hubby. I store all my yard art and pot up plants in my special place. No men allowed! Unless they want to paint the roof and that is okay by me. :) In the big pot are Morning Glories and to the left is a Dogwood and Ginkgo growing together. To the right of the shed and along the wall is our Raspberry Patch.

I have featured this bench in my blog before and I still love it. Made from a bed that I found at a yard sale and rebuilt by hubby. This year I added pillows and no my real name is not Lydia, the sign was found in our alley when a neighbor was moving, and her name was not Lydia And you can't really tell, but the old black clock to the left broke, so it is filled with marbles now. :)

What I used to call my "butcher cart" has now become Bessie"s sleeping cart. As you can see, no plants or pots can be to the left. That is her domain. I have Lavender, Geraniums and an unidentified plant I am training into a topiary. Behind the cart is my Therese Bugnet  Rose. My all time fav rose for it's length of bloom and scent. Heaven!

My patio, a great place to sit (when I do take a moment to sit.). Over near the fence is a pot with Feverfew, another unidentified plant that I made into a topiary, Moss Roses and Geraniums. Two trees in pots, a Dogwood and a Willow. As you can see in the foreground are pots of Geraniums and Marigolds on my hubby's shop steps. I kept all the flowers in the same color range and the pots are all Terra Cotta (plastic to retain water) to keep the yard looking unified. It is a small yard.

My favorite place to sit and I really do sit here. Nice and shady, there is a fountain to the right of this pic which has the perfect sound and which also usually has a cat in it drinking. So more like a "cat bath" than bird. Behind this swing is a Rugosa Rose and a Bamboo. Potentilla and a Ginnala Maple. The gorgeous afghan is a yard sale find for a dollar. What?! Score.

My newest bench is this lovely carved one that my hubby and his friend made. They are wood carvers and meet every Thursday night for the past 20 years with 3 other guys. It features my mountains and my beloved Osprey. I sit here when I want to be totally invisible.

And since I got the new bench, we put my old theater seats in the cow garden. Hubby limbed up the Blue Spruce and we heavily pruned the Crab Apple and it is cool place to sit and get a different aspect of the yard. Also planted in the area are Mountain Bluet, Globe Thistle, Boxwood, Siberian Iris, Daylilies and Mint. The item in the foreground is one of three matching wind sculptures that hubby created to replace three Aspen we lost in a freak snow storm. At the base of the cows is what we call the Kitty Trail. All the cats in the neighborhood pass thru our yard and down the trail to access the alley. Love it!

Here is my newest acquisition. I have seen in blogs and magazines, bikes used as planters and I have coveted At our very last yard sale of the year, I found this little beauty in the perfect color, for a song!  Hubby shook his head and then loaded it into the Jeep. No sense fighting it. I attached a basket that he had given me ages ago and next year I will look for a wire one to put flowers in. Pink Begonias or Pink Impatiens? :) 

Well, there ya have it. I am now on my own for the day and I think I will make a run to Target. I want to take a turn thru the school supplies. Gets me all excited!  Always, Kit

Monday, August 14, 2017

Chicks and Chaps 2017

I just love this event. We didn't go last year (they changed the format and took the element that I loved the most about it, out) ALL WOMEN. At it's inception, it was an event to cheer, support and embrace women with all cancers,. We got together all dressed in pink, ready to ogle cowboys, drink some booze, eat some appetizers and spend money to support the ladies who are fighting the big fight. By the end of the day you have made new friends, did a lot of crying and felt great, knowing you were doing your little part to help. Hugs go a long way with this group. Money helps too. :)

This year to celebrate it's 10th Anniversary, they went back to the original format and my youngest and I signed up immediately. The event did not fail to please. We had such a great time and met so many lovely women. And it gave me, one on one time with my girl. This event always gets to us. It makes us both remember my uterine cancer 4 years ago and how much support and love she gave me. And how grateful we are that I am still cancer free and going strong. High five!

This is how we look at the beginning, before the 94 degree day and the smoke in the air takes it's toll on us (the alcohol didn't help either)

Lots of pretty decor and a lovely spread of finger foods. Wine and Beer and all the pop and water you could want. Later we would get Sub Sandwiches and designer cupcakes, but I was so hot by then I didn't want to take anymore

Em found some new friends and they were instantly BFF's. Great girls! And I found me some cowboys and they were instantly my BFF's.

We then head out into the arena and we attend the Rodeo Workshop. This is where they will attempt to teach us all the ways of the sport. As you can see my hair is now up and in my hat and I am sucking back on the beer like there is no tomorrow.

Em is the first to raise her hand at each station and here she has roped her steer and then snagged a cowboy. He looks happy.

Now I am not sure if she is more enamored with the horse or the cowboy, maybe a little bit of both. Onward to the Bull Riding and they applauded her form and flair. I am sure they do not see this event done in sparkly skirts very often.

Time for a break with my lovely lady and some mingling. Kisses to Chicks and Chaps. We love them!

They had a free photo booth which was a hoot! We kept going back and they kept taking our picture. Before long it was time to say Good-Bye. We could have stayed for the rodeo but I half to admit I was exhausted. And sooooo hot! We had such a great time and they did such a great job with treating us like Fair Royalty. I hope we raised a bunch of bucks and I hope it helps a lot of women.          Always, Kit