Saturday, July 31, 2021


I was still hemming and hawing a month before on whether we should go. Covid was still happening and tho we were both vaccinated, how safe would we be? How were the airlines handling it? Was Oregon even open? Well, I did my research and we took a leap of faith. And everything worked out. Alaska Air was wonderful, masks required and our flight was only half full. Once we got to Oregon, we could relax. Our stores and restaurants were open and masks were being worn everywhere. Sigh of relief. I felt safe. 

Now for the pics! We got our rental car and for the week we were from Tennessee...lol It really comes in handy when you're trying to change lanes in Portland. Everyone stays away from you...lol "Out of towners!" With a shaken fist! The drive is gorgeous. And the condo a welcome sight. 

Our first day on the coast is always spent at Cape Foulweather and Newport. Sadly the gift shop was still closed But we wandered the shops of Newport and had a lovely lunch at Local Ocean. Yummy crab!

Headed north to Cannon Beach next. What a pretty town! The flowers always amaze me. Found my favorite antique store and bought a vintage sewing basket. The drive was so lovely and I always get a kick out of the giant marshmallows (wrapped hay bales) in all the fields.

We spend a lot of our time just relaxing at the condo. The view is beautiful and so private. But we headed to my favorite beach, the Marine Gardens in search of sea glass and agates. And were not disappointed. A lovely lunch at Kyllos in Lincoln City of clam chowder really made my day.

Traveled south to Florence. On the way, we hit the Flea Market in Waldport and that place never disappoints. A wander in old town and the harbor and a great lunch at the Zebra Bar. I really would have loved to have that wagon...lol

On our last full day we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium to see their new exhibit, SeeTime. A wonderful display. The perfect way to cap off our trip. I am so glad we took this trip. It recharged us and gave us new stories. I found some lovely treasures and just enjoyed watching the sea. And being with my best friend. Always, Kit

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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Summer is here!

I am so drowsy. It is hot out! For about 3 weeks it has been sunny and in the 90's. I try and get up early, but I am no early riser. And I tend my yard and flower pots. Lots of watering. Everything is looking good and I am happy with the design. I hide inside with my AC and read and keep up on my politics.  From my seat, there is a lot of lovely green and birds to soothe me, after the politics...lol 

I never got a June post in since we were away the end of the month, in Oregon. Not much happened in June. I planted flowers and took care of some pesky medical procedures. Let me tell you, do not delay if you are 45 and older and get a Colonoscopy. Mine was a routine one and all is fine but they did remove 3 polyps and two could have turned into cancer. So great to get them taken care of. But we did celebrate the best father I have ever known. The father of my children. You know him as Hubby. We had a great time, he got some great presents and a lovely visit from our kids. And we all shared a nice Chocolate cream pie!

We got away to Oregon and I was still so nervous to see what it was going to be like to fly and travel with Covid still causing problems. All in all, it was lovely. And I will detail the trip in my next post with lots of pictures. It is now nice to be back home and working on projects. But I sure miss the temps of the Coast! Always, Kit



Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Lovely month of May

A sigh of well being. From where I sit I see new snow on my mountains. It looks like it's going to rain a bit more today and it is rather cool. I even have the fireplace on. My cat is curled in a tight ball and earlier looked at me like it was me who made all the nice weather disappear. I keep telling her it will come back soon. 

My world is now very green with dashes of shades of purple. So pretty and it smells great. I finally had blooming tulips and the forget-me-nots are going crazy all over the back yard. I began work on my garden beds and got out most of my yard art before bad weather sent me indoors. 

On the 8th we had a wonderful event to go to. The Spring Showcase Ice Skating Spectacular! Our youngest has been taking lessons for the past year and our oldest played ice hockey for the U of M. So they joined up and did a little ice dancing number together. It was so cute and fun and we cheered like we were at the Olympics. Flowers and kudos were given and friends were met for the first time in a year. Just lovely.




My oldest celebrated his birthday with a trip to Glacier Park to roller blade the Going to the Sun Road with his sister. They had a wonderful time and great weather. 


We all got together for Mother's Day and it was so lovely. I had cake with cherries and we just sat around and chatted. Anymore, just give me my family and dessert and I'm happy. 

Now that the world is opening up, I have had to catch up on all my neglected appointments. I got my hair trimmed finally and she said I didn't do too bad a job keeping it cut. Hit the Dentist and eye doc. And then my main doctor. Then my cancer doctor (all was clear) Yay! And finally coming up is a routine Colonoscopy. Whew! It feels good to get it all taken care of. 

Well, tomorrow is my 66th birthday! We shall keep it simple with a picnic supper, homemade cheesecake and my kids. That is all I need. Give me laughing and stories and lots of hugs and I will be the happiest birthday girl. Oh and just like I told my cat, the good weather has returned and it is lovely out!  Always, Kit 


Saturday, April 24, 2021

Enchanted April

Today is a bit rainy and cool. But I see Green Fuzzies starting! Spring is taking her sweet old time this year but can you blame her? I kind of want to hide out still too. Take one introvert, add a year of staying home, and you get a person who is totally okay with her small circle. I rather like shopping online and there really isn't anywhere that I really have to go. I pick up books curbside at my library and nice people load up my groceries each week. I have gotten really good at cutting my own hair and I have never saved so much money. And with all my extra time I have finally tackled my attic, still a work in progress and I putter out in my yard doing cleanup. So, for now I'm staying put. Besides I don't think the human race is out of the woods yet. 



We had our Easter Party a week late to make sure we were all vaccinated. And it was everything I wanted it to be. I was supposed to make a turkey dinner but that got waysided when my oven died. We ordered a new stove online but it won't get here till mid May. Damn covid. So I made us all a picnic dinner with fried chicken, salads and pie. It was delish! My youngest loves Easter egg hunts and so Jules and I set one up and Em and her Daddy ran all over the yard. We laughed so hard and the big hit was the Jesus Easter eggs I found online. Yes, they actually make eggs in his likeness. We played games till late and the champagne flowed. We didn't want the day to end.

So, as we get to the end of April I've come to the conclusion that my blog has to change with the times. I think I will continue it but only recap once a month. I am really enjoying Instagram and the many new friends I have made. I don't even have to buy magazines anymore, I just love scrolling thru the squares. It fits my time and I have fun coming up with a photo that depicts what's happening in my world on that particular day. So for now, that is where you will find me. @amontanalife Well, I am off to do some chores and watch a little golf. Take care, still wear a mask and get vaccinated. Always, Kit


Sunday, March 21, 2021

Ahhh Spring!

Well it has arrived and it came like most springs. With a bit of sun, a bit of rain and today a bit of snow. But I find it exciting, the changing of the seasons. I do mourn the passing of winter. I just love the coziness of it. Plus come spring I have to get back to work outside...lol No more lazy days of reading and puttering around the house. But that sun does feel good on this old face. 


Not much happening. I finished the book series by James Herriot. What a great read. Takes me away from current political angst to the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire. He had a special way of turning a phrase and "painting" a picture. Plus, I feel if I saw a cow struggling to give birth out in a field, I would be able to jump in and help...lol Just kidding. 

I got the beloved vaccine! I was as excited as a kid going to Disneyland. Our health department did an excellent job of setting up the area and my nurse was so nice. I literally didn't feel anything. Yes, it did get sore later but it was fine. Everyone I met, I thanked. I just appreciated their work so much. I go back on the 29th for my second shot. My daughter was able to get hers due to asthma and now we have to wait till my son can apply on April 1st. 


Celebrated St. Patty's Day in our regular way. I delivered little bags of treats to my kids and whipped up a corned beef dinner for my hubby and I. I loved seeing the White House all lit up green and my favorite president wearing green and sporting shamrocks. What a nice way to support the Irish. 


Tomorrow hubs and I celebrate 43 years of marriage. I can't say it's always been easy, but I can say it has been fun. Such adventures we have had and even this latest one, covid, has not weakened our bond. Always, Kit


Friday, February 26, 2021

Now where did that month go?

I am sitting here and just feeling good. So much to be grateful for. I know folks are tired of the weather, politics, staying home. But so far the only thing that bothers me the most is not hanging out with my children. We text and send photos but it's not the same. So we have come up with a plan. We're going into quarantine again in March and getting together for Easter! Hooray! Big dinner, Easter Baskets and an egg hunt. Plus lots of champagne and game playing. 😊


This month has been quiet. Our library re-opened so I have been able to borrow books curbside. They have a great set up just like picking up groceries. No contact. I've never liked buying books since I find it a waste of money and do not have or want shelves of books I'll never read again. 


We enjoyed the Super Bowl.  When our team doesn't play I have a calmer time...lol I made my 3 Bean Chili with fixins'. I was happy to see Tampa Bay win. 

Did not enjoy the Impeachment. I knew they couldn't convict but there was always the hope that justice would win out. And now I see (the man who will not be named) still has a hold on these morons. I just don't see it. Why? 

But my President Joe Biden makes me smile and I would love to give him a big hug. Go Joe!


Hubby go both his vaccine shots. Actually yesterday was his second so he may be feeling punky later today. Me? Nope. Our county is still doing tiers. And I understand why. So hopefully soon. 


Watched two wonderful shows. First was Belgravia. My daughter and I watched at the same time but in our own homes. And we texted back and forth. Such Fun. Next up I watched the new rendition of All Creatures Great and Small. I liked it so much I actually clapped at the end. So well done. 

 Valentine's Day came with cards and candy. And lots of snow. Which I of course loved. In fact it is snowing now and I could just sit here and watch the day thru. Well, that is it from here. Life keeps going on and I try to enjoy it as much as I can. No sense in wishing away my days waiting for spring or whining about having to stay home. It is what it is. Stay home, wear a mask and get vaccinated. For everyone's sake. Always, Kit