Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A Month of Love and Candy

Another month has started. The month of love and hearts and though it is not January, it still is a good one for just being. I never make any resolutions or goals, so I do not enter these 28 days upset that I already fell off the I never was very good at making myself do something, I was not inclined to do in the first place. So I am not a trend follower, or a fad lover, I just go the course of what makes me and mine happy. Works for me.

What is really making me happy lately is Charles Dickens. Wow, that man could write. I just finished reading Bleak House and the names he comes up with, Caddy Jellyby,  Mr. Turveydrop, Mr. Guppy, just make me smile. I watched the mini series ages ago with Gillian Anderson, it was wonderful. So I rewatched it to see how it compared to the book. They did a pretty good job of keeping to the story. I have never read  A Tale of Two Cities so I believe I will start that next, or should I watch the movie first?

My favorite sport is over for the year. It was kind of a boring Super Bowl but it still was enjoyable and hey, the food was good! I made my 3 bean chili and had all the fixins'. Oldest kid came over and while a blizzard raged outside we cheered and booed and enjoyed each other's company. Though I wanted the Rams to win, in the end, Tom Brady was so humble and thrilled to pull it off, that I was happy for him.

And just so you don't think all I do is sit on my couch and eat bon bons, I came up with a schedule to move through my house and dust and polish each item. Yes, each item. Amazing, right?  Broken down over many days, it wasn't too bad and I have just 2 bedrooms to complete. I am rather proud of myself and everything just shines. And it feels good to get all my treasures happy. 

Well, off I go. I am baking some cookies today. My favorite in the morning with my coffee. And it looks like we have another snow shower starting. Perfect! Always, Kit


Diane said...

Read the book first. That's always better. And have a cookie or 3 with it. Diane

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Wonderful glimpses into your sweet home. I love the colored glass hanging balls. Oh my gosh, taking every item and dusting/cleaning it. Yikes!!! Although, when I do that with one shelf of items, it looks fantastic and I feel great. You just inspired me to do more. I'm such a procrastinator.

I see two hearts that look familiar. ;-) I've not done any beading in awhile and am really itching to get back into it.

Happy February dear KK ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Susan said...

Oh Kit, what a lovely post. Loved it. Your heart decorations are darling and the whole house looks great. I even love those spheres hanging from the ceiling. Are those up all year? Always love to see you have posted! Hugs. Susan

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Book or movie? ALWAYS the book. I don't like to see a movie first then read the book. The book is always better. My personal best example of that is "The Shining". I read the book then saw the movie. Loved the movie but the book was so much better to night, lol. I'm bad. It seems I only make the stuff on the shelves shine when I take them down to paint the walls.
xx, Carol

Angie said...

Kit - I am glad you are doing what makes you happy. After all, that is what retirement is all about! I love Charles Dickens and his creativity, but I always found the books a little slow. I would go with the movie … I agree with your assessment of the Super Bowl - boring. Good thing we had neighbors to talk with, and that brought more food than we could eat in a month of Sundays! It looks like we have more snow on the way - Winter has finally arrived! Enjoy your week ahead!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I never can stick to a daily schedule of any sort. Cleaning is way down on my list of priorities. In this environment, even when I clean, I never feel that things shine. :/ Really love your decorating style.