Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Good, the Bad and the Scary!

Onward to November! Ours arrived like it usually does with rain and gray skies with a touch of snow on the mountains. I really don't mind, since it makes for cozy days, but it is making it a bit hard to get up the last of my leaves. It looks like I have a slight window next Thursday....lol  In the meantime, I will continue to sip my coffee and do some baking, and take down Halloween. 

Well, we had some good things come to us. The first may seem odd. But to me, it was a little dream come true. I do not have many items from my childhood left. So when I find something that sparks a memory, I want to grab it. In my hometown of Pennsauken, New Jersey we had a pretzel company, Reisman's! And in every home there was a tin of pretzels in their notable red, white and blue can. One day when I was wandering the web, I saw a tin on Ebay. But it was way too expensive and very beat up, and also someone had stored oily car parts in it. Nasty. I was patient for quite a long while and that patience paid off when I went to search and a can came up in Pittsburgh, Pa. And it was cheap and not smelly. Well, it is now mine and I love it! And right down in the right hand corner it says my hometown, Pennsauken.

We celebrated my hubby's 69th birthday. Very simple and fun. Both kids were able to be here and it made it special. And we had Chocolate Cream Birthday pie!

Then I am sad to say, life took a bad turn. I had to make the hard decision to put my 18 year old cat down. With the colder weather his old bones were not working well and he stopped eating. I could tell he didn't know what was going on and I hated the thought that he was in pain. He will forever be in his favorite place, underneath his rose bush and that gives me comfort. But oh how my heart aches.

We celebrated Halloween with our regular flourish and the neighborhood kids loved it. This year the numbers were down due to the rain but it was still so much fun. I even had a mother come up and thank me for making her little boy's holiday so special. And that is why we do it. And I hope we can for many more years to come. Always, Kit

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

We've actually had a gray, rainy day here. So very sorry about your sweet kitty.
A very hard and sad decision to make for sure. Belated birthday wishes for your hubby. You are the Queen of holiday making and celebrating!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Hi KK ~ What a cool find your tin is!

Belated Happy Bday greetings to your dear hubby.

Your girls looked like they had fun for Halloween.

Sorry for the loss of your feline family member. (((KK)))

Have a lovely November ~ FlowerLady

oldgreymareprimitives said...

So sorry to hear of your loss Kit. Running Howie to the ER again this week scared me something awful, but at 13 he's still Ok. I know just hard it is. All of us animal lovers do. Take comfort in the great life you provided him.

I know how you feel about the can. Growing up in Latrobe PA I still get a thrill seeing Rolling Rock even though it is no longer brewed there. I scored a tin bucket restaurants used to put on the tables in the bar with several pony bottles on ice.

Hand in there. Tuesday is going to be a rough ride.

love z

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I know all too well the pain of the decision you had to make. I have too many memories of those last minutes and every one of them pains my heart. Now that Halloween is done, it's on to the next holiday so bring on the bird!! I have collected business tins all my life. I love them. It's cool that you found one special to you.
xx, Carol

ellen b. said...

So sorry about your dear cat. Happy belated bday to your hubby. Nice Mosaic and Happy Monday to you. Hope you can get the rest of the leaves taken care of.

Lorrie said...

Life is full of the good and the bad, isn't it? And we never know what's coming next. Happy birthday to your husband. I'm sorry to read about your cat - you will miss her. The tin looks like a great place for storing...pretzels!

Angie said...

Oh, Kit. I am crying my eyes out. Your loss of your beloved kitty is just a little too close to home - we had a scare with Josie a couple of weeks ago (she is fine now), but I have vowed to stop complaining about her idiosyncrasies … So sorry for your loss.

Belated happy birthday to your hubby. Damn impressed that a 69-year-old runs as much as he does!

Hope you get your leaves done before the snow falls - seems a little later in coming than normal, eh?

And … THANKS for joining my inaugural Mosaic Monday - between you and Tammy - it's all your fault!!!

EricaSta said...

Thinking on you... lost my cat last year and never forget her!

Pom Pom said...

I'm still sad about your kitty, but thankful he got so much love. I see on Insta that you had snow! It IS fun to stay in your jammies on a cold day!
I hope your hubs had a lovely chocolate-y pie birthday! Yummy!

Diane said...

You did the right thing, Kit. You did not let your treasured kitty suffer. It's so painful to let them go.

I lost Puck in October. I didn't even have him a year and I miss him so. But in retrospect, it was coming on for a long time. We adored each other so much. Still can't talk about it. Blessings, Diane