Saturday, September 9, 2017


In a bad movie musical back in the 70's, Lost Horizon, there is a line in one song. "Can there be too much sunshine?" And yes, I do believe there can. We are going on 3 months of no rain and high temps and for a place with lots and lots of trees, this does not bode well. But, in the weather predictions we are seeing three days next week that are showing rain! We are all giddy with excitement and it has given us hope and the energy to keep a goin'. And by the way, I own the soundtrack of the above musical and though the movie was pretty bad, I liked the music. Always been a Bacharach fan. 

I am on another kick again.We have cable, and about a bazzion channels (but nothing to watch) and one day, I click on the Sundance Channel and ta da, there it is my all time favorite show ever. And I mean ever. Law and Order. The original. And they were showing the very early shows (the ones that most channels do not show). I set up a program and I was set. After work I settle down on my couch with my cat and we enjoy non gory crime with Lenny, Mr. Big (Chris Noth), Mike Stone and Paul. Such a well written show and Lenny has the best lines. Did you know, he started out on the show playing a lawyer? 

Spending today taking down some of my summer decor and thought I would share some pics. I have the sound of College football on the TV (love it!) and I have been going out periodically to check on the hubby. He is currently putting new brakes on my Jeep. I have to make sure he is not trapped and screaming for help. So far so good. Isn't this boat a dream?! Found at a Flea Market. I came around the corner, saw the color and instantly fell in love. And the seller even let me bargain and I got it cheap. 

Now if only this car was full size and drive-able. It would be my perfect car. Gorgeous isn't she? Found in Oregon in a shop I was not really enthused about. Lots of furniture and junky stuff and then my eye spied this little beauty.Would she fit in my suitcase? Oh yes she would.

You would think with all the nautical items I collect, that we live by the sea, no, but we do vacation there every year. We look on Oregon as our second home. This tin called to me as I was getting into the car in Florence, Oregon. It was in the window of the shop and I told the hubby to wait just a minute. The next thing he saw, was myself walking into the display and grabbing this tin. Worth the effort and the slight embarrassment.

I have a major thing for clocks. They are everywhere in my home. This beauty was found in an old store and it had a little label that said, "Sorry, it sometimes works." I didn't care, it was gorgeous and it had a Sternwheeler on it. And when it is working the little wheel on the back of the boat turns. Charming! 

This lampshade was the biggest surprise, steal, emotional sale I have made. I grew up with Rooster and Roses china and started to collect it when I was older. I have amassed a collection of over 75 pieces and to find this original lampshade was so lucky. It was in a closeout sale at an antique store, in a bin and was only $1.00. I knew exactly what it was when I saw it. Water stains and aged, it is a beloved treasure to me. :) Off I go, time to finish my clean-up and check on the hubby. Always, Kit


Liz D said...

Wonderful treasures, I enlarged the pix and pored over all the details. What kind of car is Baath first one?

Lucky you, somehow Jeeps need brakes always! but your hubby is a gem and can fix them.

Kit said...

The toy car is a 1948 Mercury. :)

Angie said...

Yes, yes, yes! I have been doing a rain dance in the back garden for days and it looks like it is finally going to pay off! Your collections are delightful - my favorite piece is the cat face in the first photo!

Blondie's Journal said...

I think all of your 'goodies' are fantastic - they speak to you and that's all that matters. I just started to add some nautical decor to the lakehouse. No, we don't have crabs or whales, but I finally relented and I'm loving some of my pieces.

So glad you are getting rain, finally. We've had a rainy summer. And the upper NW is having fires. It never seems to balance out.


Diane said...

I, too, am also looking forward to cooler temperatures and RAIN But I would gladly give up the rain to put the fires out in Montana and the northwest. Dianje

Pom Pom said...

I keep thinking about going thrifting and antiquing but I don't go! Your post makes me want to! I hope the crisp fall comes with some great rains. The poor scorched forest.