Saturday, September 30, 2017

Red Hair = Peter Pan and Ellie from Up!

Ahhh, I slept till 9am today. Had my blueberries and cereal. Am sipping coffee and now my head is full of hair dye. Yes, my name is Kit and I do still dye my hair.  And until my face matches my age, I will continue to do so. I just adore Natural Instincts. So easy and it washes out gradually and I do not get that "skunk" look as it wears out. Also, it does not look like a color helmet, it looks very natural. It makes me feel good and it makes me feel sassy. This has been a commercial for hair color and what it can do for you....lol And besides I have to look like Peter Pan next Wednesday, more on that later.

We have had the most loveliest of weeks this past week. Temps in the 70's and the color is changing in our trees and the sky was blue and the smiles were huge! A perfect Montana Fall. I did my mowing and tweaked some plants. But for the most part my flowers are gone. My geraniums are hanging on, but the begonias and roses are done. We are expected to go down to 29 degrees come Monday night, so that should be the end of my season. It's all good. 

I am on vacation! You are thinking, "Hey, didn't she just start work?" Yeah, I did. But I have always wanted to see Disneyland dressed for Halloween and I decided it was time to go. Plus it helps that my boss is a Disneyland nut, so it was okay on her part. So my youngest girl and I are flying away next week to attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. We will be dressing up and the costumes for this trip will be: 1st day I will Peter Pan and she will be Wendy, 2nd day she is the queen from Alice in Wonderland and I am still debating, and for the big party on Friday, I will be Young Ellie from Up and she is going as Katrina Van Tassel from the cartoon Sleepy Hallow. It should be fun. As it always is. Except I am leaving a very sad hubby behind, but I have promised him a trip there on Halloween in the future.

Off I go, I need to work on trip preps and plus I am starting my decorating for Halloween around the house. And you know how much I love Halloween! Bring on the Black and Orange.  :) Always, Kit


Liz D said...

Oh Kit! What could be more fun. So exciting, have a great trip.

Pom Pom said...

Oh, fun! You'll have a lovely time! Our Jenny and her hubby are going for her late October birthday. When she goes with her girls in January it will have been four times in a year!

Susan said...

Oh Kit, I am SO HAPPY you are going to Disneyland for Halloween celebrating. That will be SO much fun. Sorry hubs cannot join you. Have a wonderful trip. (I know you will!) Hugs. Susan

Blondie's Journal said...

Good for you taking such a fun vacay, and being with your daughter as well. Enjoy, Kit!

I think its great that you continue to 'update' yourself with your hair. As we get older, some of us try to be more contemporary with clothes, hair and jewelry---mostly a part of ourselves we've always been. Others wear more (or less) makeup...whatever we choose, it means we want to keep our inner perception of ourselves reflective on the outside. I have a very good and longtime friend who is just short of seventy. She is so real, looks wonderful, and acts the same as when I met her when she was fifty. It is amazing!!

My flowers are going quick. I'm cleaning out pots and planning to get out for some pansies and mums---just a few, I'm so tired of the maintenance. Less is more. Less is more naps!!!

Jane x

Diane said...

I have always wanted red hair. Have fun on your trip.

Angie said...

Kit - your post is so funny this week! I can see that good weather = good mood! Your burning bush is lovely and now you have hair to match!!! Have a great time in Disneyland and I look forward to the pix!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh man, I love Halloween too. How cool that you are going to Disneyland to celebrate it. I have colored my hair since I was 13. A lot of the time it was red. It used to be a joke that I changed colors every January 1st. When I retired, I let it go from fake blond to natural which is now silver. It was never that mousy gray.
xx, Carol