Saturday, September 23, 2017

Nesting continues

I know yesterday was the official start of Autumn but I have been in nesting mode since it started to rain and our temps dropped into the low 50's. We ended up with a good week of showers and guess what? I can see SNOW on the tops of our mountains! Out here in the West, that is good news to all. 

Except for maybe Evelyn. Meet Evelyn. She is what is called a Cat Faced Spider and I adore her. For years we have had one who lives on our porch, tucked under the edge until night, when she comes out to feed. Now of course this isn't the same spider each year, but many Evelyns. Pretty soon she will leave us. But she will also leave her egg sac so that I will get to befriend a new Evelyn in the future. 

So I have been cozying up in my house. I have to admit, I like nothing better than sitting in my spot in the living room, with all my lamps lit and just being. I realized the other day, I have 11 little lamps in my main living space. I detest bright lights. They make me uncomfortable. So I find lamps in my travels and change them out throughout the year. This is my favorite and sits right next to me.What a lovely glow it gives.

I am a sucker for a unique lamp shade too. I fell in love with this lamp at Shopko. My daughter kept trying to drag me away, saying, "You already have too many lamps." I do. But I went back the next day....lol 

I love this lady. She was found at a yard sale and no one wanted her because she had been broken and fixed. She had been part of a lamp. When I picked her up and gathered her to me, the owner was so happy that I wanted her, she gave her to me for free. I placed her where my lamp (to the right) would catch her and make her glow. She seems very happy amongst the vines.

So today I will venture out and check my garden. Do a little mowing and sprucing. Hubby did some pruning of the Red Maple and it looks great. I have about 3 weeks to enjoy the yard and then I need to start putting it to bed for the year. We have a night game tonight which we always love. Under the Lights at Washington-Grizzly Field. Coming up for me? A trip to California with my youngest. More later. :) Always, Kit


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Enjoyed your nesting post dear KK. Love your lamps and your glass lady. How neat that you got her for free.

Have a GREAT evening and Sunday ~ FlowerLady

Diane said...

Rain and drizzly here today. That means I don't have to do anything outside. Love your cozy post. I also love lamps and little pools of light throughout the room. Never overhead. I'm like you, they make me so nervous. Have a great weekend. Diane

Susan said...

Oh gosh, Kit. Just wrote you a comment but I lost it. Don't know if I pushed sign out instead of publish or not.

Anyway, this was a lovely post. I like the yellow glass shade and think your living room must be soooo comfortable and peaceful. I like smaller lights, too. Spidey? Uhhhhh, glad you welcome and like her. Please don't send her to Massachusetts. ha haha I love your sweet blog and always enjoy reading it. Also love your visits. So thanks. Susan

Angie said...

Kit - you have turned me into a Griz fan. Spousal Unit and I watched the game (recorded) and we were enthralled throughout. Sorry for the loss, but it was a battle to the end! Your post is lovely - just makes me want to curl up in my recliner next to the fire! Have a great week!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

We have two ceiling fans with lights and it drives me crazy when anyone turns one of them on. I love the soft lighting of lamps and would have so many more in my living room if I had room for them. I love the lady figurine that you placed in your vine. She is a wonderful save.

Our temps in Northern Indiana are still 90s and humid (unseasonable) until Wednesday. I'll be glad to see 70 on the thermometer.
xx, Carol

Pom Pom said...

Things are always cozy at your house, good Kit! I like lamps, too. I rarely replace them and I really should. They are important. Have a sweet week at school, friend!

Jen Kershner said...

I love lamp light too. Overhead light is so harsh which is the all the over head lights in our house are on dimmers! There is nothing quite like lamplight. I'm all ready to cozy down for fall too. Enjoy every moment!

P.S. For some reason I never get email notifications of your sweet comments on my blog. I only see them when I happen to open a post and look at the comments. I have no idea why that is but it happens with a few others too. I just want you to know how much I always appreciate your sweet encouragement!

Sandra said...

Recantos acolhedores e repletos de cores outonais. Feliz fim de semana.