Saturday, August 19, 2017

Winding Down

It is creeping up on me. My summer vacation's end. By the end of next week, I will have been back to work setting up my kitchen and cafeteria. Getting it all ready for my kids on August 28th. I am excited! I always am. I can't wait to see those faces and get those hugs. I love my teenagers. So I have been finishing projects around the place. Keeping things watered and mowed and realized I hadn't shared any pics of my yard. It has been a chore this year to keep everything hydrated, so very dry this summer. But I did and my plants are pretty happy. As you come down the West side of my house, this is the first area you see. Golden Glow, Globe Thistle and Spirea. In the pot, Geraniums and Marigolds. At the base of the chair, Lily of the Valley.

My lovely and functional garden shed built by my hubby. I store all my yard art and pot up plants in my special place. No men allowed! Unless they want to paint the roof and that is okay by me. :) In the big pot are Morning Glories and to the left is a Dogwood and Ginkgo growing together. To the right of the shed and along the wall is our Raspberry Patch.

I have featured this bench in my blog before and I still love it. Made from a bed that I found at a yard sale and rebuilt by hubby. This year I added pillows and no my real name is not Lydia, the sign was found in our alley when a neighbor was moving, and her name was not Lydia either...lol And you can't really tell, but the old black clock to the left broke, so it is filled with marbles now. :)

What I used to call my "butcher cart" has now become Bessie"s sleeping cart. As you can see, no plants or pots can be to the left. That is her domain. I have Lavender, Geraniums and an unidentified plant I am training into a topiary. Behind the cart is my Therese Bugnet  Rose. My all time fav rose for it's length of bloom and scent. Heaven!

My patio, a great place to sit (when I do take a moment to sit.). Over near the fence is a pot with Feverfew, another unidentified plant that I made into a topiary, Moss Roses and Geraniums. Two trees in pots, a Dogwood and a Willow. As you can see in the foreground are pots of Geraniums and Marigolds on my hubby's shop steps. I kept all the flowers in the same color range and the pots are all Terra Cotta (plastic to retain water) to keep the yard looking unified. It is a small yard.

My favorite place to sit and I really do sit here. Nice and shady, there is a fountain to the right of this pic which has the perfect sound and which also usually has a cat in it drinking. So more like a "cat bath" than bird. Behind this swing is a Rugosa Rose and a Bamboo. Potentilla and a Ginnala Maple. The gorgeous afghan is a yard sale find for a dollar. What?! Score.

My newest bench is this lovely carved one that my hubby and his friend made. They are wood carvers and meet every Thursday night for the past 20 years with 3 other guys. It features my mountains and my beloved Osprey. I sit here when I want to be totally invisible.

And since I got the new bench, we put my old theater seats in the cow garden. Hubby limbed up the Blue Spruce and we heavily pruned the Crab Apple and it is cool place to sit and get a different aspect of the yard. Also planted in the area are Mountain Bluet, Globe Thistle, Boxwood, Siberian Iris, Daylilies and Mint. The item in the foreground is one of three matching wind sculptures that hubby created to replace three Aspen we lost in a freak snow storm. At the base of the cows is what we call the Kitty Trail. All the cats in the neighborhood pass thru our yard and down the trail to access the alley. Love it!

Here is my newest acquisition. I have seen in blogs and magazines, bikes used as planters and I have coveted them....lol At our very last yard sale of the year, I found this little beauty in the perfect color, for a song!  Hubby shook his head and then loaded it into the Jeep. No sense fighting it. I attached a basket that he had given me ages ago and next year I will look for a wire one to put flowers in. Pink Begonias or Pink Impatiens? :) 

Well, there ya have it. I am now on my own for the day and I think I will make a run to Target. I want to take a turn thru the school supplies. Gets me all excited!  Always, Kit


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear KK ~ Thanks for a lovely little tour through your fun, colorful garden areas. I love it all. Your husband is so artistic. What a beautiful carved bench.

Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

Pom Pom said...

Your house and your yard are so cute, Kit! So loved! I love your yard and you are very knowledgeable when it comes to plants. My list would be very short!
I pray that your year is fantastic. Loving on those teenagers is a high calling indeed!

Liz D said...

Hi! I loved seeing your garden! It's beautiful and whimsical. You're very knowledgeable about your plants and flowers, impressive!


Diane said...

Beautiful yard, Kit. Enjoy your last precious days. Diane

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Your garden is so beautiful. Your can sure tell you give it lots of TLC. I couldn't tell you which picture I like the most, but I absolutely love the carved bench. Terry used to carve before his RA took control of his hands. He misses that a lot, but at least he got to share his knowledge with my grandsons. And your OWN garden shed!! Lucky you.
xx, Carol

Angie said...

Kit - I now feel like I have been to your house! What a thorough and delightful tour! Your garden is what I hope for and dream of as we are building our log house - that eventually it will be lush and mature, and will have interesting nooks and crannies like yours. And so many cool benches and lawn art. I am inspired all over again. Here's hoping your next batch of teenagers will be an engaging group!

Lorrie said...

Hello Kit,
I love the bright yellow door on your shed - and the fact that you don't allow the menfolk inside! Your garden looks like such a wonderful place to sit and relax.
Like you, this is the last week before school begins (well, next week is teacher in-service week, and classes begin after Labour Day). So I am also trying to think of the things that need to be completed before then.
Hope you're enjoying the days.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your yard is so neat and tidy and gorgeous. I love all the extra elements and the flowers/plants are just gorgeous. I'd definitely be sitting out there a whole lot.

Sandra said...

Beautiful garden! Hugs

Poppy said...

Hi Kit,

What a treat for my eyes, this morning, to see your gorgeous garden shed, painted in raspberry red and accessorized with that deep, mustard yellow door! It's pure storybook sweetness! So glad you actually do sit out in your beautiful garden.