Saturday, August 5, 2017

Regular Doings

So August has arrived and so has all the hub bub about the eclipse. We should be able to see it fairly well from our town, and I will need to get me some of those glasses to watch with. Anyone else a little nervy about putting all our faith into a cardboard pair of glasses? Loved this pic from the internet. Cracked me up.

I am on a lemonade kick. Hubby and I were yard saling last Saturday and I was getting parched. When here is this little boy sitting at a card table with little cups of lemonade, perfect! What stood out besides the fact that he was totally bored, (and you just knew his Mother made him sit there), was that in the little cups, not only was their ice but slices of lemon and all for only 25 cents! Bingo! He had a sale and it so hit the spot, I had to buy a big jug the next time I went to the groc store. Here are some of my latest yard sale finds. 

Both my girls are now home and they had such a wonderful time. And I can breathe a sigh of relief. My youngest had the opportunity to go to Paris, France with her guy and left straight from Comic Con and spent a week there. Oh the fun she had, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Disneyland and the Louvre. 

Then my oldest took her time driving home from San Diego and took in the sites of Nevada, and Utah. Enjoying a few hikes into the back country. 

But now I have them near me again and that makes me feel good. I love hearing their stories and seeing all their pictures. We always wanted our girls to have adventures and it looks like we succeeded in instilling that in them. Off I go, time for a little lunch and some lemonade! :) 
Always, Kit


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your girls certainly have been adventuring to some lovely places. :) Yesterday we had mulberry juice ... the concentrate is made by ladies in Lebanon. Our friend brought some back, just add water and serve with a few raw almonds in the glass. So yummy! Happy weekend.

Pom Pom said...

Yum. Now I need some lemonade. I hope I remember to buy some when I go to the grocery store.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

I keep forgetting about the eclipse so now I've marked on calendar thanks for the mention- made me look it up!

Angie said...

Kit - I love when the kids go adventuring, and I love it just as much when I know they are safe home again. The pictures of the back country are so beautiful, especially the one with the cloud formation over the mesa. Gorgeous! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, with lemonade!

Liz D said...

Fun times and great adventures! Don t you love the Love Lock bridge!

Diane said...

Summer just seems to get busier all the time. My middle daughter is moving here this weekend from California (104 degrees). She's going to freeze. So that will be because my oldest daughter and her family are coming down to help her and our houses are only about 3 blocks apart. Kids, dogs, food, laughter, tantrums. It's usually fairly quiet in my house. And my life will be different with Brandon here. For her, too. And you're counting down the days till you start at school again, I imagine. Till then, blessings. Diane

Blondie's Journal said...

Funny that I don't drink much iced tea or lemonade after summers gone. Lemonade is sometimes too tart for me but I've been drinking the Arnold Palmer Citrus Iced Tea and he also has a lemonade ice tea. I like to make my own as well with green tea and lemons. If you want a tasty alcoholic treat, try Summer Shandy, a mix of beer and lemonade. So refreshing in hot weather.

I have done zero yard and garage sales. I'm afraid of any more clutter. In fact I have boxes to donate or have my own garage sale.

My two girls aren't especially adventure seekers. I would be worried like you if they were traveling and hiking. I wish my oldest daughter would at least find a happy medium. She's really timid to go outside her safety zone. I don't want them to miss out on some really good times in life while trapped in unwarranted fears.

Summer is sailing away. Thank you for your nice comment. I am at peace at the lake. But just as I like four seasons for variety, you start to get set in your days and it becomes a little taken for granted. A nice week long stretch in the city is coming.

Jane xxx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love that your kids are traveling and seeing the world and our country as much as they can. I always wanted to see the western states from Montana down to Nevada but I don't suppose that will happen now.

I have never been able to drink lemonade. The acidity upsets my stomach. However, I do like to take a lemonade/vodka slush to summer parties that is always a big hit.

We are not in the best area to see the eclipse. We were in the great path when one occurred back in the 80s though. I love the pic of the little girls wearing welding helmets.
xx, Carol