Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hello from the Western Montana Fair!

Fair week is here in Missoula and it is a huge deal for our town. No matter that the temps are in the 90's and the air is full of smoke from nearby forest fires. Everyone goes to the fair. We run into neighbors, students, past employees, and our very own children....lol  Hubby entered 4 items this year in the Reuse and Repurpose category. He loves to take old drills or computer parts or kitchen gadgets and turn them into Ray Guns and Rockets and whatever else he can think of. And the crowd loves it!

There he is with Mike Wazowski! That is one of my bowling balls. The kids got so excited to see Mike. Hmmm, what else can we create for next year?

I love the Home Arts and when I found this Denver Bronco Quilt, I had to do my best impression of the Mile High Salute. Go Broncos!

My favorite part of the fair is the animals. Here, all these young ladies are showing their goats (oops! These guys are sheep! What the heck was I thinking, thanks Lisa!). A few of them had a hard time keeping them in line, and I have to say, I liked those sheep the best!

The cows and chickens are my favorites. Look at that cow's face! I just want to hug him. And this chicken wore her best hat to the fair this year....lol

That is the most perfect Zinnia I have ever seen and Hubby could not resist and stopped to smell the Dahlias. 

The Carnival! I love to take a turn or two thru the grounds and look at all the rides. I am past riding carnival rides but I enjoy the excitement they bring to the kids. The lines were long but the kids were still having a great time.Their last hurrah before school starts in 2 weeks.

 Well, when the Fry bread is all eaten it is time to say Good Bye to the Fair. Good Bye. Always, Kit


oldgreymareprimitives said...

I loved fairs as a kid. You're fortunate to still have one near you

Liz D said...

Wonderful old time fair, such nostalgia. I loved the Barnstable Fair on Cape Cod---my dad and I loved the animals. He was esp fond of baby goats. We enjoyed the needlework too. Your fair looks so fun!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love the Fair. We never go anymore because Terry can't really walk that long. He balks at the cost to park and then pay the gate fee too. Old age is creeping in!! Love your husbands creations. How fun.
xx, Carol

Pom Pom said...

How fun, Kit! "Our state fair is the best state fair . . . " Remember that? That zinnia IS gorgeous! Do dahlias smell? I've never had them.
Your hubby is crafty, too! Enjoy the rest of your summer, friend!

Angie said...

Kit - I really think we are soul mates! I ADORE going to the fair - everything about it. We will be going to the fair in Kalispell next weekend, and now you have whet my appetite! Smoke is not too bad here today; still praying for rain to clear the haze from the skies. Thanks for the tip on Susan Branch - I will check her out.

Lisa said...

It is great to go to smaller fairs. Just informing you though that those animals are sheep, specifically market lambs. My kids all show them. You are right that they dont like to stand still sometimes. My youngest works hers an hour a night practicing.

Lisa said...

i apologize. I am wrong. I blew up that picture the sheep class looks like a combo of wool and meat sheep. Sorry to jump the gun.