Saturday, June 10, 2017

Summer Vacation!

It is finally here! And it was starting to feel like it was taking it's sweet time. I was getting so tired of waking to the alarm clock. So this morn, I woke late, minus the beeping and took my time. Ate a big bowl of cream of wheat with blueberries and leisurely sipped my cup of coffee. That's what I'm talking about. :) Hubby and I went out yard saling, and though the pickins' were slim, I did manage to snag a needlework and a Willow Tree figure from an estate sale. The girl told me her grandmother had done the piece and I told her it would have a good home.

It is a rainy one here today, so I will work in the house. Just doing a few chores and some organizing. It was a hectic week with closing down my kitchen and my head is still a bit frazzled. We finished the last day with a going away party for our counselor. She has been there at my school for 16 years and that is just part of her career. I will miss her, she is a kindred spirit.

The other day, my youngest and I picked up the summer flowers. Always a favorite trip for me. We make our lists and just hope that they have exactly what we want. And they did! This year's plan for me is lots of pink geraniums, yellow marigolds, pink begonias and pink impatiens and sweet potato vine and coleus. I find those colors go well with all the red in my yard (fence and house). I pick a cloudy day when I have the place all to myself, and start potting up. That should be this Monday. Below are some of the bowling balls that I decorate my yard with. :)

One of my favorite past times is watching my Hellgate Ospreys. They are a family of birds who come back every spring and via a cam, I am able to follow their journey from laying eggs, hatching and fledging. Iris and Louis are great parents and we just had the final egg hatch this morn. Here is a link if you are interested to drop in. http://cams.allaboutbirds.org/channel/27/Hellgate_Ospreys/
Well, it look like it is clearing, so I will try and dash outside for a bit. Always, Kit


Pom Pom said...

I love your bowling ball spheres! Your colors are great! I'm going with white this year but you made me reconsider . . . maybe a little pink. Well done closing up the kitchen! Now rest! You will have a lovely summer!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That little embroidery is so sweet. Glad to hear that your summer vacation has finally begun. I know you will enjoy every single moment of it.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I checked out the osprey who is peacefully sleeping at the moment. :)

Blondie's Journal said...

Good for you for sleeping in. I'm a large sleeper and love to know others enjoy it, too. Happy garage sailing. love the pics of the Ospreys. Amazing! Just getting used to birds at my feeder here in Michigan!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have a couple of bowling balls in my garden too! I never thought about putting the on a tree stand though. Thanks for the idea. The real heat of summer is just starting and humidity is in the forecast as well. Those will be stay in days as the humidity makes it hard for my husband to breathe as he has COPD. I have to admit, I won't miss being outside in it. I need to find a new lap project to start. I'd say you got a couple of treasures at the sales. It's hard for us to go saling now, as I am thinking I should clear out my OWN house.
xx, Carol

Liz D said...

Thanks for showing the bowling balls and your ospreys. My ospreys have extended their habitat to have three big nests, quite exciting.

I hope you have a great summer, I know you ll have lots of fun w hubby being retired. Keep us posted.


Susan said...

Hi Kit...So happy for you that you are on summer vacation! Yippah! Thanks for letting me know about the photo. I tried to check it. Don't know if it helped or not but I appreciated your comment. Have a great weekend coming up! Susan

Angie said...

Kit - so glad you finally had a morning without the buzzer. Due to the house build and travel, we have had quite a few early mornings lately, and I am glad I don't have to do that every day any more! I love sweet potato vine and coleus - they add so much color and contrast to a garden. I look forward to seeing the next steps. Thanks for sharing the osprey link. On our hikes, we have seen several nesting pairs and they are amazing. Have a great rest of the week!