Sunday, April 9, 2017

What I am loving right now

  • I think the one thing I love the most is that last week has finally ended...lol You see it was the week that held my annual physical and personally I hate it. I love my doctor, but I just hate being poked and prodded and messed with. And as I get older, they always find something that is failing, something that needs to be tweaked, an new shot that is available. And I just want to be left alone. But, I do know one can't bury one's head in the sand and so I go. It makes for a very cranky Kit for sure though. :)

  • So on to the weekend, and the sun is shining, and I am in my favorite place and can putter about it to my hearts content. Love it! On TV to help me decorate for Easter, is the Masters! I am not a golf nut and don't play but I love watching or especially listening to the Masters. The low voices, the soft clapping and the wind in the pines (they keep mentioning that...lol). Hubby and I have a good chuckle each time they tee off, and all the heads in the crowd swing left. It is my replacement for football and it makes me happy.

  • Watching Survivor. It is our favorite reality show and we have watched since it began. It is our go to show on Friday nights with take out chicken. Coming up soon is another favorite show, Better Call Saul. We can't wait for season 3 to start. So well written and acted.

  • Been reading a bit, North and South (set in England) and finished Pollyanna! So much better in book form than the Disney movie. Caught the movie The Girl on the Train, which to me was too predictable and one note. A bit boring. And last night we watched Captain Fantastic. It was a different kind of movie and I am not sure if I agreed with the main character or not. Always fun to watch a movie that is not a type we usually go for. 
Well, I am off to do some chores before the final round of golf starts in an hour. I am cheering for Sergio! Kitchen went very well, but still putting the room back together. I should have some pics by next weekend. Always, Kit 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a nice newsy post KK.

Have a wonderful Easter week ~ FlowerLady

Pom Pom said...

Good for you, getting that doctor appointment out of the way!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'm sitting here debating whether I should call the Doc for an appointment for a rash I have on my neck. The final on the Masters was pretty cool. Terry thinks golf it a stupid game, but I always like the end to see who won. This year was pretty cool and so glad Sergio won. On his Birthday!!! When I get bored for TV, I usually watch house flips, redos and hunts. I am always amazed at the prices houses sell for. I'm told I live in one of the most affordable areas in the country and after watching these shows I know I do. I'm looking forward to Saul. I put it on my planner so I don't forget! I read Girl on the Train so I had no desire to watch the movie. Same with Gone Girl. I'm getting pretty tired of new books coming out with "Girl" in the titles, lol.

Hope this is a good week for you.
xx, Carol

Liz D said...

You watch golf! LOL LOL! Love your bunnies.

Susan said...

Hello Dear Kit...Cute post. Love your bunbuns. I'd LOVE to see a photo of your Easter egg bush. Can you post one? Or send one to me? That'd be great. Sending blessings for a beautiful Easter. Susan

Debbie Mitchell said...

Enjoyed your post! Like you, I hate the doctors "bothering" me but I know it is sometimes necessary. :)

Diane said...

I hope that the doctors were disappointed and didn't find anything major. I let my checkups go while Leonard was sick. Kind of put myself on the back burner until just lately. I slipped by without anything drastic.Whew. I hope you have a Beautiful and blessed Easter. Diane

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I avoid the doctor. Only really go if necessary. I hope you had a lovely Easter. Quiet here, with the boys away at college, hubby at work. And weather just kinda bleh. Don't watch much tv, but have been finding lots of inspiration on YouTube (something I used to avoid).

Angie said...

Kit - I have been reading your blog for several months and it is time to acknowledge how much you have helped me get my own blog started. I recently retired, and starting a blog was one of my goals. Since we are moving to Montana, I searched for blogs about Montana, and yours immediately resonated with me for many reasons. Thanks for the inspiration!