Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mish Mash

Here I sit, in my sunbeam and I am trying to will myself to get out of this chair and get on with my chores. But I don't wanna. I got spoiled last week. So today I may go on strike for a couple of hours. Maybe today warrants two cups of coffee. :)

Kitchen redo is still motoring about and doing great! Hubby finished the panels on the East side of the kitchen and found me the perfect drawer pulls. Now the painting will halt for while and I will put back my kitchen. Finishing the bottom part come summer when I have more time. I get busy at this time of the year outside and with celebrations, so it will have to wait. But the upper half is finished and the appliances are getting a good scrubbing.

I got this wonderful photo of my oldest the other day. She is on one of her marketing trips for her company Sun Dog Marketing and Art and was in New York City. Seemed so fitting to see her standing next to the Fearless Girl statue. That is her in a nutshell.

I mentioned in my last post that I received a new bead for my bracelet and you wanted to see what it looked like, so here is a pic. Actually I received two! He gave me the red heart one first but then he had bought me a clear one too in case I didn't think the red one would go with my bracelet. Go with my bracelet?! Of course it will. So I will have to adjust all the charms. His suggestion was to put the white one on the left end, opposite the red one, cause he loves me from morning till night. Ahhh, he's a keeper!

Spring is taking her sweet ole time getting here, but I am noticing that my Red Maple in the back has lots of fuzzy red blossoms and my Burning Bushes are getting very greenish. But it is still snowing in the mountains above town. Sigh. I'll just have to be patient. Always, Kit


Blondie's Journal said...

Hey Kit Lady! I'm so happy to catch up with you. You always come off so calm and happy, and it sure wears off on me. You are so cool about your kitchen...great! Our kitchens are where we use our hearts and minds and family gathers to appreciate that!! lol!

Your daughter looks so elated. Wanted to ask you about her company, Sun Dog. It sounds familiar.

Getting caught up here, too.. Spring is finally looking like spring!!! :)

Jane x

Diane said...

Your house looks so cozy.. Is that your cat? He looks very cozy, too. Nice pic of your daughter. Your husband's quite a guy. I think it would be OK for your sunbeam for a while -'s gone. Very cloudy here anyway. Blessings, Diane

oldgreymareprimitives said...

THAT is the ONLY good thing about living here- I can hit the garden in March! Not sure if I could ever go back to so much cold. Your bracelet is lovely and full of memories.

Liz D said...

Your bracelet is adorable [as is your husband!]. Tank you for the closeup photo...I saw the Cinderella coach, and Mickey ears, all your treasured memories.
Your daughter and Fearless girl are a perfect pair.



Pom Pom said...

Aw! Bracelet love!
I hope work is treating you well. I'm glad you had a restful break.