Saturday, March 25, 2017

Oh It was Grand!

My Spring Break is coming to a close and I have to admit, I am a bit sad. I like having my own time to do what I want and when I want to do it. Also, having a lot of time with my hubby has been lovely. We had lots of chats and ran some errands and we had fun celebrating our anniversary. We went to a lovely steakhouse which has a gorgeous view of the Bitterroot Mountains. I had the steak and lobster and a very yummy sweet potato, it even came with it's very own brown sugar and butter. Nice touch.

Hubby surprised me with a new heart shaped bead for my bracelet and later at home I gave him a mug that said, "You're my lobster!". If you are a Friends show fan, you will know what that refers too. :) And I filled it with a new set of Super Mario Pez for his collection. We had cake and wedding punch later that evening and I even scored a lovely vase of daffodils. So wonderful!

I am slowly making progress in the kitchen. All the top cabinets on the west side have been painted (took 3 coats!) and Hubby and I went looking for the overlay I wanted and I found just the right thing. Believe it or not, it is fluorescent light ceiling panels!

 My vision was for a textured clear finish that would make the doors a bit modern looking. We have only one section done and I am liking the look. It adds just a bit of sheen to the door but is rather subtle. I also found the old chrome knobs that came with the house and they look great all polished up and in place. I will take more pictures as I get more of the kitchen done.

Otherwise, I spent my time reading (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Call of the Wild) and watched some movies (The Little Foxes, The Quiet Man, Florence Foster Jenkins, Arrival and Manchester by the Sea) gave some rooms a good scrubbing, and took my sweet old time getting up in the morning. That felt great! Always, Kit


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Belated Happy Anniversary dear KK. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful celebration.

Love the look of your kitchen cabinets. You're doing a great job.

Have a lovely Sunday and a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Sounds to me like you were pretty busy. But doing chores together makes the job easier. That is a very creative application to the front of your cabinets. Bet the are easy to clean too. Glad you had a productive yet relaxing week.
xx, Carol

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Sounds like a perfect break to me. How exciting your kitchen will be! Fresh clean and new design. I'm all for making our homes havens..esp now

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy anniversary! You always have the sweetest celebrations for everything. Indeed having time to do with as you please is a wonderful thing. Good luck with the kitchen finishes. :)

Pom Pom said...

I know just how you feel. I was ready to face the spring run to summer but sad the free time was over for a while.
The lobster looks delish!

Junell said...

Sleeping in is wonderful! The cabinets are looking great! 🙂

Liz D said...

Kitchen looks good! Fun celebration for your anniversary. I d love to see your special heart bead?


Diane said...

You just prove that a person can make joy every day. Happy Anniversary. May I recommend Lilian BoxFish Takes A Walk. You might like it. I got it on Kindle. Have a wonderful Saturday. Diane