Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's Here!

My Spring Break! Oh my have I been looking forward to this. Thursday at work, I had a chant going at breakfast with the students, we were yelling, "One more day!" It seemed this year we all needed some time off. I am never one to wish my days away, but I was hoping the week would rush by and we would be to Saturday. And here we are! It finally came. :) Isn't this photo a hoot? Tho I am not going to be spending my time pool side, I intend to make it all mine, minus the cigarettes.

I started mine off in the best possible way. Sleeping in till 9:30. Oh what a glory to not hear that alarm going off.  We were all comparing at work as to what we were all going to do on break. I think mine was the most bizarre, I swore to stay in my jammies, not shower, lay around all day and maybe not even brush my teeth. I didn't want to follow any rules anymore! Well, maybe I will brush my teeth...lol  But you get my drift, I want to be free of convention, free of cooking, free of teenagers! At least for a week.

The kitchen is going along pretty well. I finished the green wall and I like it. Hubby finished sanding all the cupboards and I will start them probably Monday. He brought home a handle for the drawers and it wasn't quite right so I am on the hunt. I am hoping to use next week to finish the top sections. I will leave the drawers for the summer. Those will be more labor intensive.

Wednesday is a special day for me and my Hubby. We will celebrate our 39th year of marriage. We were discussing it today and are so astonished it has been that long. Sure doesn't feel it. Life has been an incredible adventure since we met and it continues to be. I can't imagine why I was so lucky.  We will drive out in the country and have a Steak dinner and then home to cake and champagne and some great memories.

Well, it has been a grand day. This was my favorite part. My old Sam Man who is not a cuddler, discovered me on the couch watching The Quiet Man (such a favorite of mine) and crawled right up. Oh so comfy with him purring and letting me pet him. The corn beef and cabbage is cooking and we will watch a movie later. A perfect way to start my vacation and guess what? I am still in my jammies...lol  Always, Kit


Diane said...

Love that your kitty decided to be cuddly. Happy Anniversary and many, many more, Kit. Diane

Pom Pom said...

Happy anniversary! I hope your spring break is wonderful, Kit!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

How funny...Barbies at the beach on spring break, but you are not going to be there, lol. Most everyone's idea of a Spring Break is a week at the shore. Congratulations on your anniversary. We will celebrate 46 this year and I feel the same way you do. Sometimes, though, I might be overheard teasing him by asking how did HE get so lucky, lol. I have a dog that won't cuddle. I HATE that. I love a cuddly dog. BUT, my grandson (21) lives with us and he has a Boxer that LOVES to cuddle so I steal him when Corey is not home and get my doggy cuddles big time.

xx, CArol

Liz D said...

Happy Anniversary, Kit! And I hope you have a wonderful spring break. The kitchen looks good, very steamlined and simple.
Oh anf the Barbies are hilarious!

lizzy at gone to the beach

Tins and Treasures said...

Good evening, Kit,
Oh, how awesome that you get a week off! Our spring break was just two days...but I enjoyed it completely. I like to spend time in my pjs too! I am jealous that your cat would cuddle with you. I miss my Callie!!

Have a marvelous Monday! Take care, ~Natalie

Poppy said...

Happy Anniversary, Kit! All the best!

You sound ecstatic to be on break; enjoy it to the fullest!

Happy weekend,