Saturday, February 11, 2017

Snow and Rain

I've seen Snow and I've seen Rain. The James Taylor song comes to mind with a few changes. We are still sitting on a foot of snow but now the added rain has added another element, I have a mini lake where my sidewalk used to be. It takes some creative ways to get to my car for But with a few more warmish days, it should slowly start to wind itself to the sewer drain. Let's hope so!

Natural Garland!
 Today, I don't feel like doing too much. I enjoyed sleeping in. I enjoyed my bowl of Cream of Wheat with blueberries. And now I am enjoying playing around on the computer. No hurry. No fuss. I think I will pull out my February decor and do up the living room, or not. I have been loving the calmness of the blues and browns. But I do owe the reds and black, their chance to shine. :) 

All in all, life has just been quiet and lovely. I have time to read, been watching some great movies. The Jungle Book (the new one), The Karate Kid, The Goodbye Girl (incredible!), Notting Hill, and I have one in my queue, Boy's Town. I have never watched it and it is about time, it is a classic. Happy Valentine's Day! Always, Kit


  1. Hi Kit! Aw! It's a good thing, relaxing­čśé Have a happy Valentines Day!

  2. You never fail to make me think of the simple things in my own life that I enjoy but take for granted. I'm constantly carving out time for fun instead of just rolling with it.

    This is a great list of movies. I have Roman Holiday (both versions) on my list as well as the later version of Cousin Cousine.

    Books...I have 4 going and a stack of new ones on my nightstand. You need to be my life coach!!

    Jane x

  3. I can't imagine you missing an opportunity to decorate for a holiday. :) Looks like you two had a fabulous Disney adventure. Belated anniversary wishes. I am having a day of just being. My favorite kind. Enjoy your Sunday. Tammy

  4. Hi Kit,

    So lovely to 'meet' you! Your day sounds pretty perfect so far. Having the choice to do or not to do, is calming, isn't it? Have fun decorating with red. It's the main colour of our great room.

    Look forward to reading all about your adventures in beautiful Montana!

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,

  5. Lovely post, Kit. I'll check out The Goodbye Girl. (Wonder if it's on Netflix.) Glad you are enjoying your quiet moments. It's snowing (again) to beat the band here. We are inundated with the white stuff. Such is winter in New England. Love all your sweet visits, too. Susan

  6. Our temps go up, they go down. It rains, then it snows. Today we have 45 MPH winds to dry out the ground to make room for the next round. Muddy paws abound! Right now I'm watching the birds try to stay on the feeders. Glad you found a way to relax during your foul weather.
    xx, Carol

  7. You need to get some tall ''wellies'', rain/ muck boots. I love Valentine's day, the hearts, the pink and red, the chocolate! Your treasures are darling.