Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween is but a Memory

Gorgeous here today! Not like most Novembers I have had here in Montana. Usually the day after or actually even on Halloween we have our first snow. All the leaves fall and plunk, we are in Winter. But not so this year. Sunny and cold (32 right now) and the leaves of my apple tree are slowly and gracefully falling down. Hubby mulched a bunch of leaves yesterday and I can see that by Monday, we will be due to go back out and mulch some more. We do not bag them up and have them hauled. We chop them up with the mower and then pour them in my garden beds. Lots of great insulation from the cold and great easy free food for my plants. By summer they are all broken down and most are gone. And they keep the grass and weeds at bay. 

Our holiday was wonderful. I just love the excitement and greeting all the kids in their costumes. Hubby hands out candy with me since his duty as "Daddy Supervisor of  Daughters" is over.  He gets a real kick out of it. We saw lots of great costumes: a kid in a cardboard racing car and it looked fantastic, a girl dressed as an ice cream cone (I love her whipped cream with a cherry on top Hat!) and my favorite was a little boy who didn't really want to come out (he had a bad experience last year at some house) but he was glad that he did when he visited us! He loved all our decorations and pumpkins. Did my heart good. It is what it is all about.

Though my girls were in the middle of moving, my youngest dressed up her new house to welcome her new neighbors and it looked so cute. She handed out candy and made lots of new friends. Because of the move, they didn't dress up on Halloween as in years before but my youngest did get to go to a house party as Malory from the show Archer, though a much prettier version. :)

She also wore the new scarf I gave her (she LOVES spiders) to visit all her clients on Halloween. They thought she was so cute. I think so too!

Oldest girl having a beverage on a party evening downtown as Rose Quartz from Steven Universe. This girl rocks the pink hair for sure. :) So very pretty.

So now I am thinking about Thanksgiving. My new lites arrived and I think I should have bought two strings but I will make one work for now. All my turkeys go up tomorrow and the rooms change to gold and brown, but some touches of orange still. This month calms and makes me feel so content and cozy. And I start my lists and start my daydreaming about the holidays. It feels good. Always, Kit

I am linking to Pink Saturday, at How Sweet the Sound! Due to my daughters hair!...LOL


Liz D said...

Your girls are so cute! I love the spider scarf, plus great costumes. This weekend or coming week I too will take down the bright oranges and jackolanterns, change to a softer Thanksgiving palette. My weather is grogeous, 60 and sunny! November is one of my most favorite months.


gone to the beach

Tami Von Zalez said...

That blog background is the Bomb!
I have always loved Montana. Look forward to seeing your posts, am your newest follower.
Popped by from Pink Saturday

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

O gosh. Halloween is so much fun. I love it that your girls really get into it!!

I haven't put my skellies away yet...I hate to because I love them so much. The pumpkins are gone and I'm gathering my Indians to decorate for Thanksgiving. I'm a sucker for lights and have decided to keep lights up all year long, for every season/holiday.
xx, Carol

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

BIG sigh as Halloween passes, but on to nesting, and dreaming of winter fun. Love your posts Kit!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love your girls, Kit...they have such a zest for life! It looks like all of you take Halloween very seriously! And Thanksgiving is underway already for you. Yay! I need a firecracker to go off under me. I've started to make a menu and I'm asking for side dishes. Usually I ask for appetizers and desserts but I can do these those ahead of time. Its juggling the bird and gravy and potatoes and veggies, ugh. So I'm being smart this year (I hope!).

Thanks for your sweet comment about the Cubbies and having a friend in Chicago! And you do! ;-D