Saturday, October 29, 2016

What I am loving right now, and one thing I am not

A Saturday morn. Love it. Sipping my coffee and eating the best brownie bites I have ever tasted. From a local bakery. It is very foggy and cold and so even this morning I have my Halloween lights on, and the place looks festive. I was bemoaning the fact that I will miss all my little pumpkin lights, so right before bed, I got on the puter and ordered some lovely Thanksgiving lights for my front window. Leaves, corn, pumpkins and tiny orange lights. Sounds good! It will address my little light obsession. 

I love little off beat surprises. Since my hubby retired, my life has been full of them and I smile and laugh at each and every one. The latest? This gent from one of my favorite Pixar movies. Made from a bowling bowl and airbrushed by my talented Hubby. I don't think he will be just for Halloween. I think he is a permanent addition to my living room. :)

I love how life can change at any moment and a person can go from sadness and concern to immense relief and joy. My oldest girl has been battling some issues with her new company, and at one point things looked a bit bleak. Hubby and I stepped in and offered help, but things turned around and I think she is going to be okay. We are so proud of her and she works hard. She just has to deal with some difficult people sometimes (don't we all) and that can make life messy. We just have to have a little faith. :)

Presents for my girls for Halloween, all wrapped up and looking lovely! 

I am loving a happy hubby. My guy is one very talented man. He carves, he welds, he creates and also does all my chores now that he is home all the time. Incredible! But one of the main things he loves to do, is make cars. About 5 years ago he made a Shelby Cobra and it is beautiful. He has been helping his friend on a car of his but he was yearning to do another car, all his own. Well, he found one and last week the big truck arrived and delivered his new project. Some kind of coupe (you can tell I know next to little about cars....lol) and he is over the moon! This will keep him busy for the next year or so. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

I loved having all four of us about for Hubby's birthday. So much fun to sit around and chat, and give our guy well deserved presents and love. 

Though my bushes do not love it, I love having deer visit my yard. Wow, so beautiful and I could watch them all day long. 

Well, what I am not loving is my lack of will power. I knew at the store when I was buying Halloween candy that I should not buy any bags with Tootsie Rolls in them. I am so in love with them and am not allowed to eat them. See, my teeth look pretty good, but truth is, most of them are crowns. And when you have crowns, you do not eat Tootsie Rolls. But guess who ate Tootsie Rolls? Yep, and guess what, I loosened a crown. So I will have to see if it will resolve itself or go and visit my dentist (I swear I am putting his 4 kids thru college). Lesson learned? Probably not....lol But at least for this year, yes! Off I go, time to start chores before the football game. Happy Halloween! Always, Kit


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What a happy post, except for loosening a crown on your teeth from eating tootsie rolls.

Your dear hubby is such a creative artist. I know he's going to enjoy working on 'his car'.

Belated Happy Birthday to him and Happy Fall to all of you.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Blondie's Journal said...

So much goodness here, Kit! I love lights, too but I am on a lazy streak. Iw went downstairs to grab a halloween candle and my fall bins are still there as when I packed them last year. I'm truly feeling over load with my pieces here and there. I have to downsize.

It's only natural we worry about our daughters, Kit...we identify. I think you helped your sweet girl just by being there. ;D

Your husband is someone to be proud of. This is so cool!

I'm having surgery in early November to remove a crown over a tooth that has been fractured. It's a front tooth...the one to the left of my very front tooth so I can't tell you how afraid I am cosmetically. And I know it's going to be painful as there will be a lot of 'cutting'. Ugh. I always gravitate to the Tootsie Rolls when sneaking into the halloween candy, I read it was the least fatty and caloric filled candy you can have. I'll rethink that!


Liz D said...

Your husband is so talented, just like you! Those gifts are works of art, too cute to open.

I hope thing work out for your daughter!

What kind of car did your husband get to restore? My dad restored a ModelA 1930 Ford [yes a coupe, w a rumble seat!], and a vintage Corvette. I was the hander of the wrenches as a little girl.

I thought what you d say you didn t like for halloween was that scary gruesomely decorated house you mentioned once. That would have terrified my kids when small....
Halloween should be fun! And sweet,lol.



Diane said...

You make your life good Kit. Good luck with the Tootsie Rolls. Mine is Candy Corn. Dang! I can't leave that stuff alone. And they have it for every holiday now. But the Halloween stuff is the best. Nice to read your post always. Diane

Susan said...

Lovely post, Kit. Your house looks darling. Hope your hub's birthday year is fabulous. Love your posts. Thanks, too, for your visits to mine! Susan

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit! Aw! Yay for your happy hubby and his enthusiasm for your dear home. I'm glad things have smoothed for your daughter.
I pulled a crown off earlier this year. Yes, chewing on Brighton Rock that English Betty sent me. My dentist didn't charge but warned, "No next time!"
Take care, fun friend!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I LOVE this post. I can relate to your love of lights. (I too am retired and enjoying the time I am able to spend with my husband. I have a tiny spot in my living room with a Halloween vignette that includes lights. I was thinking I would get a tree branch and keep it there so I can decorate it all year long. BUT on a trip to Walmart I found one already wired so I grabbed it and explained to Terry that I needed to decorate for every holiday throughout the year and I could even make some up!!

I love that your husband has a project. Mine is pretty limited due to health so I spend a lot of time keeping him company and stitching in my recliner while he watches way too much Gunsmoke and MSNBC.
Happy Halloween!!