Sunday, September 4, 2016

Summers End

Well, I have officially been back to work for a week, and tho my back is a bit sore and I am tired out, it was wonderful! Lots of hugs and stories about how the Summer was spent. I got my kitchen and "cafe" set up with all my decor and started making food like I had never been gone. That is the great thing about routine and knowing how to do the job (for 21 years now!). My youngest was the sweetest girl and always remembers her Mommy and gave me a back to school surprise! All sorts of school supplies and treats and a lovely new purse. It makes going back to work so special. :)

I have been thinking back over the summer and all that I did and it makes me smile. I am not one to just sit, if I haven't accomplished something each day, I feel like I have thrown a day away. But that's not to say, watching an old movie or reading a book is not an accomplishment, so I had a bunch of those mixed in with projects.  

Like, finally tackling the huge task of reorganizing and filtering all the storage in the storage room in the basement. We are the keepers of all the heirlooms, memories and extra stuff that goes into a life. Well, I kept the first two types, but sent about 25 boxes of the latter to Goodwill. I didn't want a yard sale, I didn't want to see if I could sell stuff on Craigslist or Ebay, I just wanted it all gone. And gone it is! Now everything is in a row and off the floor, the items that made the cut mean something to me, and I feel free!

Hubby and I spent each Saturday yard saling. For me it is not so much about finding a treasure or two. See above to my freeing. But about the driving around and visiting folks homes and yards. I love to peek into their lives a little bit. And it's about the bagels and coffee and oatmeal cookies and being next to my hubby while we chat and visit about the world.

Planned a birthday party. I am in my best creative zone, when I am creating a party. I did a Rock and Roll Birthday for my youngest girl in July. She recently took up tap dancing lessons at the age of 31 and was in her first recital this summer. It was such fun to see her dancing on the stage. So I found decor, made a CD of all the music from the recital and designed a doll. It was so much fun and she loved everything.

The Fair! There is just something about the local fair. It makes me feel like a cowgirl (and I am from New Jersey). I love the animals and exhibits and this year hubby entered some great items and won ribbons! I ate fry bread and corn on the cob and held hands with my love. :)

So now I am thinking about Fall and apples, and football games. Time to change out the decor and surround myself with golds and orange. Getting cooler here and the leaves are starting to fall, and I love that. Always, Kit

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Liz D said...

Hi Kit! How I admire your organizing of the heirlooms, big job! Looks like you had a fun summer and of course you are forging on to back to school with enthusiasm and a smile. Good for you!

Hermine the Storm very much missed us, it s a gorgeous sunny beach weekend with nice waves. Probably for the best but I was kind of hoping for a few rainy days, just for a change. [no real rain here since about early July July].

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love that you and your kids put so much love and thoughtfulness into gift giving all the time. Good for you clearing out the basement and letting things go. Definitely what I will be doing over these next months. Now that both my boys are gone, I need to clear out all that's not needed. Will also give me a little more space for my craft supplies. Not many people can say they enjoy their job -- it's nice to hear how happy you are to be back with the students, doing what you love. Best wishes for a great school year.

Pom Pom said...

Aw! Your girl is a sweetie pie!
Way to go on that organizational extravaganza! Well done!

Maggie said...

You did achieve some outstanding things this summer, I share your philosophy about getting rid of stuff and have just given masses away to a local charity shop. I always feel a little bit lighter after a clear out, don't you?
Thanks for sharing your summer tales with us this week at Mosaic Monday and I hope you'll come again soon so we can take a peek at your Fall decor.

Lorrie said...

Hello Kit - you've been busy. Organizing can take a lot of time. I know what you mean about just wanting stuff GONE and not having to deal with selling it. We often do the same thing.
What a fun time you had with your husband at the fair. And how fun for your daughter to take up dancing!
Enjoy the new school year!

Anonymous said...

That birthday party rocks!! :) I understand the organizing of stuff and re-organizing spaces. We've done some of that. Looks like you had a great summer and you have a great attitude about going back to work. Enjoy the new school year!

Diane said...

I,too, love the changing seasons. And you can defintely feel it, I'm sure, at school. Cleaning ANYTHING out helps and it makes you feel so good. Diane

Summer said...

Sounds like your summer was good ♥