Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Summer Olympics

I swear I walk around in a glowing bubble for 17 days. My grin is always there, except when a poo pooer or naysayer does or says something stupid. African American swimmer? Her name is Simone Manuel you ass! But the good outweighs the bad and I am glad everything is going pretty well over there. (minus the green diving pool....LOL)  I just want them all to stay safe. :) Some of my favs.

I am a big fan of women's gymnastics and was very pleased for these two lovely ladies. But what impressed me the most about our team, is that they all seemed to really like one another and were happy for each others success. Gabby was a bit sour at times, (but I do understand she was disappointed not to be in the all around) and people in the world, don't keep ragging on her about not putting her hand on her heart. I too, stand at attention during the anthem myself. 

Michael Phelps. Amazing swimmer, but this is the photo I will remember from the games. Not that he won another gold medal. We knew he would do that. We didn't know he would understand this young man's emotions and give him a hug. I like a humble Michael. 

Miguel Duran Navia, from Spain. This poor gent, who thought he was out of the race. What I wish I had was a picture of the wonderful judges who ruled that his diving into the pool too early was not his fault and that he could return to swim after all. Made my heart swell to think they would give him a second chance. 

Look at that beautiful face! So overcome with winning a gold medal, she can't help but cry. I love to see this emotion and see that her achievement means so much. Way to go Simone!

Oh Figi, look what your guys did! They were so excited to win the first ever gold medal and videos of their country were incredible as the locals all went crazy with joy. I loved this for a country having the same feeling I do when my Denver Broncos win the Superbowl. There ya go, now I am on to watching Track and Field and cheering on a new bunch of athletes. I turn on my Olympic lights every day and settle in to watch the best this world has to offer. Always, Kit


Blondie's Journal said...

I'm watching, too. Mesmerized !!!


Liz D said...

Your enthusiasm is always so delightful! I still can't sit on my squooshy sofa and watch TV [hip pain still] so I m following online.

Susan said...

Oh Kit, you make me chuckle. I am with you all the way. Some people are so stupid sometimes, aren't they? (Myself, included, I might add). Very nice post. Hope you have a good Monday. Susan

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit! You are the fan of all fans! I love watching, too!

Summer said...

The olympics were really good this year ♥