Sunday, April 10, 2016

Last Day of Break

A gorgeous Saturday! At last check, it was 79°. I went outside and did some clean up in the front. My Fireweed, Peony, and Hostas. Now back in to watch more coverage of the Masters. I do not usually watch golf, but I love this one. I think mainly for all of the green and flowers, and the soft clapping...LOL So soothing. Rooting for Jordan Spieth.

It has been a great week. It was a mix of the much needed,"doing of the piddly stuff" and lots of relaxing and a road trip. Re-watched a few movies: On Golden Pond, The Missing, and Somethings Gotta Give, not a big fan of the last movie but I just adore that house in the Hamptons!

Just received my brand new Susan Branch book which I am saving to read this week. I can't wait! My home is all decked out in it's new decor for Spring, of green and turquoise. With birdhouses and my many clocks. :)

Got to hang out with my youngest. We decided on a last minute drive up to St. Ignatius. It is such a beautiful area, especially with the snow still on the mountains. Picked up some bulk candy and handkerchiefs at the wonderful Amish store, the Mission General Store. We didn't see any of the buggies but we did see the Amish on their bicycles. :)

So it is now my last day, and I am just relaxing. I need to run into work briefly, but otherwise, I will be home watching the end to the Masters and working in my yard. A perfect way to spend my time. Always, Kit    P.S. Bear didn't win the contest, she came in third but Thanks so much for voting! 


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

:) Sounds like you had a very nice break. That last picture is so beautiful!

Pom Pom said...

I bet you feel ready to go back to the kids at school!
I love that house in Something's Gotta Give, too.
I ADORE On Golden Pond and I always cry.
I got my book and read it. It's so pretty. Susan put a lot of work into her last three books.

Diane said...

So sorry your kitty didn't win. She should have!!! Glad you had a good weekend. Diane

Liz D said...

Those mountains are gorgeous, so majestic. Sounds like a lovely end of a relaxing week, enjoy!

PS Tell us about the new SB book when finished? I m saving up.

Jacob William said...

Oh! that was a cool post.I like it.