Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Weekend

Though I much prefer Easter to be in April (and since I have no choice in the matter) I have embraced it's March-ness and gotten all my bunnies about me, put up my Egg tree and compiled the baskets for my daughters. Today I will start preparing the food for tomorrows holiday feast. Nothing fancy, but lots of different items.Though I hate to cook, for holidays I pull out all the favorites and we will eat like kings for days. And I won't have to cook for those days. :) Win, win.

Celebrated 38 years of marriage to my bestest friend and love. We look at each other and shrug and marvel over it being that long. Problem is, I want 38 more years and that is not doable. It has been a great adventure and we have more coming up. My breadwinner, my bacon-bringer-homer is retiring next month. He has worked in retail for 40 years! And now it is time to be able to sleep in, do his many projects, and spend the summers home with me. It will be a bit of an adjustment, but I think I will be okay sharing my house.

Last night the National Tour of Mamma Mia (click on the highlighted text for a sample) was in town and I took my youngest. Oh my, what a wonderful show. The voices and the dances and the songs of ABBA! What's not to love? If it comes near you, go! You won't be disappointed. Feel free to get up and dance. :) Always, Kit


Susan said...

Oh Kit! How wonderful you celebrated your 38th anniversary. Why CAN'T you celebrate 38 more? People live a lot longer nowadays! Hope your Easter is splendid. I KNOW what you mean about not cooking for days afterward. It will be splendid. Hugs. Susan p.s. Thanks for all your visits. Love them!

Liz D said...

You hate to cook> How is that possible, did I read it wrong? All those wonderful meals you ve described, being the lunchroom lady? On the other hand, I don t like to cook either...but I like to prepare the family food in a good and healthy way.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy retirement to your hubby! And congrats on 38 years! That's pretty darn amazing and certainly something to celebrate. Easter blessings to you all!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy 38th!!!!

You two will enjoy your DH's retirement.

Love, hugs & Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

Diane said...

Hope you have had a wonderful Easter, Kit.Diane

Pom Pom said...

That's SO great! And he's so great!
YOU are great, as well. I love your zip and verve for fun, Kit.