Sunday, January 10, 2016

Housekeeping on a January day.

Time for a break. So I will grab a cup of tea, and a snickerdoodle cookie (shhh, don't tell) and settle in to watch some football. KC and Houston.  Don't really cares who wins, so I won't get nervous, unlike when I watch my beloved Denver Broncos. Been busy on a lovely January day. Softly snowing and cold. Today's plan involved cleaning of the rec room, which I use as a staging area for Christmas and sprucing up the laundry room where I keep all my houseplants each Dec. Feels great to get that done, a couple loads of laundry are going and the dishes are done. Next up, soaking the beans for soup tomorrow.

Call me crazy, but I love being domestic. There is something so satisfying about having a clean and lovely home. A fire burning. A great dinner bubbling on the stove and knowing my family is well cared for. When the kids were little, I felt the happiest when I knew my girls were clean, well fed and tucked into their warm beds at night. :)

After all the busyness of the last few months, I relish the next few months for their quietness. I've started watching some old movies that I've never seen. Ordinary People, St. Elmo's Fire,The Goonie's and Midnight Cowboy. I think the reason I never saw these was because I was taking care of little babies in the 80's, or in the latter case, I was 14. I am making up for lost time...LOL Always, Kit


Liz D said...

Lovely and peaceful. I always look forward to the quiet winter months, tho I find if I do housework and cook, I am too tired for projects like quilting, or for long walks on the beach.



Pom Pom said...

I love homekeeping, too! Maybe I'll clean floors today (maybe). I made soup yesterday, too. Our girls and their girls came over because their husbands were home watching football. God be with you, sweet Kit!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I spent much of Saturday cleaning my quilting space (AKA the dining room) and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I like being domestic, too, though right now I'd like a break from cooking (my enthusiasm for making dinner ebbs and flows). It feels good to be organized again!

Happy New Year!


Diane said...

There's a lot of peace and comfort in that. Enjoy it Kit. Nice post. Diane

Susan said...

That was a nice post, Kit. I'm with you. Running a home is a pleasure and a gift! Susan

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I wish I felt that domestic. I like staying home. And I want things to be tidy but I do not find joy in cleaning at all. It takes so long to clean things here because of the dust and dirt and grime. I just feel like my hours and hours of cleaning are wasted time because that clean feeling never lasts very long. I really need to do a lot of purging and organizing. And reading (lots of books and mags piled up). And also some movies I want to watch. Lots of things to do but always pulled away by something else.

As for your comment on my blog, I was the same as you when I was teaching. My class was not allowed to do anything else before they cleaned up their messes. And they were not allowed to leave the playground a mess. I would see so many teachers walk away with their class after recess or snack time, and there would be wrappers and plastic crap everywhere. It made me so crazy. If the teacher isn't being a positive influence and they aren't being taught at home, then how can we expect them to learn any different? My own kids will put the tiniest piece of paper in their pocket because they know littering is wrong. I saw my neighbor cleaning out his car the other day and of course, I knew he was going to throw it in the street. Sure enough, I went back downstairs a short time later and found his mess all over the place. I mean, seriously. A grown man who can't even walk 20 feet to a trash can and he was dropping his son who is seeing that behavior. Great role model. Fancy car, but no manners. I don't get it at all.

Have a great weekend.