Monday, October 26, 2015

Back home!

Yep, I have been away again. Had a wonderful trip with my oldest girl. We decided to visit New Mexico for 4 days, since I had the time off. Both of us are HUGE Breaking Bad fans and we decided to take a tour of all the sites used in the series. Since she had been there before, she had a detailed list and map. Once we picked up our car, we were on our way. We started with Los Pollos Hermonos and ended with The Dog House. All in all about 25 sites. It was a blast! And so unreal to stand outside Walt's house or the Car Wash and think back to the show. I felt like such a groupie! At one point while we were outside Jesse's house, a group of German tourists showed up and were excitedly pointing and talking. We were all "one" with our love for Breaking Bad. :)

( Los Pollos Hermanos, Walts House, Hanks House, the Car Wash, Janes apartment, the Laundry, Vamonos Pest, Jesse's House, Tuco's Hideout.
In addition to our tour. The first evening, we took advantage of the lovely weather and rode the Sandia Mtn Tram up 10,378 ft to a restaurant at the top. Incredible views of Albuquerque and the sunset. So beautiful and we had a tasty meal too! There is nothing like sipping a beer with your kid as the lights of the city click on below.

One of my favorite sites was at To'hajillee. It is on the Reservation and the countryside is just so darn beautiful. All those lovely red rocks and green scrub. We were the only ones there and it did seem a little spooky considering what happened in the show out there. A walk thru Old Town Albuquerque was a must and it is so cute and very Mexican, we found a great bar to take a break and visited the Candy Lady to partake of a little crystal blue meth (blue rock candy) and some fun role playing....LOL

(restaurant where the Whites meet the Schraders, drug deal, the Rio Grande, the phone Walt calls from in the last episode, the Dam, the site of the first cook, Curious horse, Lydias cafe, the motel where skanky Wendy works her trade.

On our third day we diverted from our tour and headed to Santa Fe. I had always heard it is so lovely and filled with art and history. I just loved all the terracotta looking adobe homes and Old Town Santa Fe is just wonderful. Our first stop was the oldest church and house in the United States. Lunch at La Plazuela followed next where I had a tasty salad and melon soup and my daughter was in heaven with her Chilies Rellenos. We wandered the shops and we found 2 lovely pairs of turquoise earrings, to remember our stay in this incredible place.

Then off to the Georgia O' Keefe Museum. Such beautiful pieces of art! What a fascinating life this woman had, and it started in middle age! We traveled home via the Turquoise trail, a slower road, and quite pretty. Sipping our coffee and listening to our tunes and we arrived back to Albuquerque as the sun set. A perfect trip! 
Always, Kit

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Diane said...

Oh, no! Candy corn.
What a great trip. Did you drive? Good to have you back. Diane

Susan said...

Oh KIT! What a fabulous excursion. Sounded absolutely great. I loved Santa Fe when we visited there, too. So pretty and lots of art galleries. So glad you and your girl got to go. That mountain top restaurant sounded fabulous! What fun! Susan
p.s. Kit, remember that project of putting silicone with pieces of plastic and colored glass? Many of my pieces are falling off. What do you suggest I might be doing wrong? Think it's too cold out on the enclosed side porch to sustain? Just wondered what you thought.

Diane said...
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eileeninmd said...

Hello, sounds like a fantastic trip and a wonderful time with your daughter. I enjoyed all the photos and the places you visited. I would have loved the tram to the peak and the O'Keefe museum. Sante fe is a lovely city. Great images and mosaics. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fabulous trip! This is one of my favorite parts of the country. What fun you had! Hugs, Diane PS Years ago, I hiked up to Sandia Peak and rode the tram down.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

One of the best parts of blogging - armchair travel with fellow bloggers. Your trip looked amazing.