Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oregon Time

I am prepping. It is that time of the year again when my thoughts and my body turn toward the West and it hankers for the ocean. I have concluded that I cannot go a year without being at the sea. There is just something about it that soothes me. Inspires me. Makes me more creative.  I feel free and uninhibited. And I can see why all the Flower Children went to San Francisco instead of Des Moines.

We have been going to "The Condo" for 11 years now. No other place will do. From that point high over the rocky cliffs of Oregon, we travel out North and South. Seeing the same places, visiting our old haunts, but each year is different. Always new memories, new treasures, but because we know the area like our second home, there are no stresses or disagreements. The days just flow and each night we head back home to watch the sunset, enjoy a drink and each others company and just relax.

So this week will be filled with packing and getting this home ready for leaving. We are lucky to have our youngest who comes over and uses this place as her vacation home. She takes care of our aging cat, makes sure all my pots are watered and is a presence about the place to ward off evil...LOL  

 It is going to be hot back here inland, but I will not need any A/C, I will have the ocean breezes. And I just may tuck a flower in my hair.  :) Always, Kit


Liz D said...

Have a wonderful beach trip! Enjoy every moment. I ll be thinking of you, from the other coast.


Susan said...

Oh yes, Kit, definitely tuck a flower in your hair. Enjoy each moment and wiggle your toes in the sandie beach! Have a blast! Susan

Pom Pom said...

Have a great time, Kit!

Diane said...

Kit, just remember - I'M JEALOUS! Diane

The Boston Lady said...

We have yet to explore up the West coast, so your pictures here and on FB inspire me. How lovely to go each year and find comfort and adventure!! Ann