Sunday, May 17, 2015

First Sales of the Season

It threatened to be a bit rainy but we loaded up the car with the car basket filled with the items we would need. GPS, a bottle of water, my old beat up leather change purse filled with quarters, the newspaper and pen. The first yard sale to hit, is a favorite house of mine. They have gardens similar to mine (filled with not only plants but treasures!) and they have an annual sale. I just love wandering their yard seeing what they have done now. The owners are fun to chat with and it is like greeting old friends. I found a lovely stamped aluminum plate and a chrome boat horn. 

There were alot of estate sales to visit and they are bittersweet to me. I always feel a little funny pawing through the person's items. But I try to find something that will live on in my house or gardens and I say a little quiet, "Thank you". In one I found a lovely red punch bowl that will become one of my new birdbaths. I think they would like that. :) 

At one of the sales the man kept chatting and chatting and couldn't believe that certain items were not selling. I could have told him, his prices were too high. No wonder he had all this stuff left at Noon. And he was so surprised when I reached over and bought a perfect vintage plastic wreath for only 25 cents. He thought it was worthless. Not to me, I drive all over town at Christmas with one of these on my Jeep. And only a quarter. Score!

Coffee and cookies were bought, a quick drive thru the University area was needed. It was graduation day and I love seeing the students in their caps and gowns and all the family members beaming with pride. As we headed home, one more sale beckoned and it was a hit! I found a lovely pillow (like I need any more, my hubby exclaimed!) an old Monopoly game (we love the old game pieces) and a child's old chicken pecking toy. But what was so funny about finding this toy, was my hubby was recently commissioned to make a life size one for a man who wanted it for his display at County Fairs. Small world. Always, Kit


oldgreymareprimitives said...

Great scores! I love those chicken toys..

Pom Pom said...

You're a fun sale-r, Kit! Great treasures!

Liz D said...

What a fun day! Great treausres. Now I have to look for a plastic wreath for my Jeep, can t beat a quarter.


Diane said...

Your husband sounds like mine. One cushion is too many for him - unless he needs one. Sounds like a fun day. Diane

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

FUN finds, Kit!!! I love the pecking chicken toy. Score!!! :)
Big hugs,