Sunday, April 26, 2015

What I am loving right now

A cool and rainy green day. Oh the green, so much lovely green! And oh how my plants and trees are happy. Which in turn makes me happy. After all it is my favorite color. I have been able to work outside with some mild days and do some pruning. Now my trees are back in control and I like my "lollypop" trees (that is what my arborist calls my them)...LOL My apple trees have begun to blossom and with tomorrows expected sun, my trees will be humming. I like to think that the bees are making honey from my trees. And somewhere someone is spreading it on their toast and saying, "this tastes like apple honey!". :)

My favorite flower in the spring are Forget - Me - Nots. I have them everywhere. They come up volunteer in all my beds and even creeping across my lawn. They will go on for weeks and with no effort on my part. Now that is my kind of flower.

A picnic dinner. For some reason I am in the mood for BBQ ribs! That came out of the blue. So today I making some of my Noodle Salad, my Oven Baked Ribs and I think I will serve some pickles and olives too.

I have re-discovered the Civil War. I read a book (oh it was horrible) but it piqued my interest after I realized I really had no clue what went down. Even tho I had taken a trip with my eldest to Gettysburg and areas East about 8 years ago. On Netflix I found, Ken Burns, The Civil War and it is wonderful. So much info, the photos! And the stories are amazing. I have to admit my dreams have been rather disturbing and I think my hubby is going to unplug my TV when he finds me humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic again, again, and again. But it is so worth it. I feel like I have learned so much more than my old elementary class ever taught me.

I am hanging a picture I found for pennies at a yard sale last year. Had it stored and forgot about it. But that worked out, cause now I have a place to hang it. It is an embroidered sampler of the child's prayer, "Now I lay me Down to Sleep". As a stitcher myself, I appreciate any pieces I find and love to give them a good home. I always wonder, who created it?

 Well, there you have it. Almost time for my Sunday break. Hubby comes home from his visit with his buddies, bearing hot coffee and pastry and we watch some Nascar or Indy racing for a bit. I love my Sunday afternoons. Always, Kit


Diane said...

We're getting rain tonight, too. Love it!!! Your noodle salad sounds good with the ribs, too. Blessings, Diane

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I enjoyed reading about your day. You have such a lovely, positive attitude dear Kit.

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Cottage Tails said...

forget me knots are my favs too. I brought some white ones but the pukeko's dug them all - will look for some more. Enjoy spring!

Susan said...

What a pretty blog post, Kit. So colorful! Love the header, too. Susan

Laura said...

I am the same way.

When I have an interest- I really have an interest!

Now please share how you do your ribs.

White Spray Paint

Liz D said...

I love the idea that the bees are making honey from your blossoms! And---a picnic! How fun!


Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit! It's very springlike here at your blog! Fun! Soon school will be out and you will be free and easy, right?