Thursday, March 5, 2015


Gorgeous day here! Sunny and getting warmer. My apologies to the East Coast, I think you got our snow. Been a very mild winter so far. I better knock on wood. :) Haven't been up to too much. Decided to not over schedule myself and just go with the flow. Feels good.

James Brown
 Had a couple of books reserved for me at the library. So hauled my purple crate of magazines with me to recycle, and to the man who let the door swing closed on me, I say, "Shame on you!" But to the gentleman who was playing the piano for a group of kindergartners, I say, "Way to go!" He is a fixture in town. You have to love this guy! An older black gentleman who wears a toupee that makes him look like the "hardest working man in show business", Jim Brown. He has an upright piano, complete with a candelabra and he plays so beautifully. He was asking the kids if they knew this song or that song. And if they knew Lawrence Welk. LOL When I cruised out of the elevator, he had finally hit on a song they all knew and as he played with feeling they were all singing, "Jingle Bells". Score!

Today was a trimester Graduation Day at work. And it was crazy. But crazy fun. So many tears and cheers and lots of hugs. Bittersweet. We want them to graduate, but we want them to stay. For 11 years there has been so many faces I have seen go and it never gets easier. Wore me plum out, so for the rest of the day, it is a movie and comfy time on the couch. Where's the tissues. :'( Always, Kit


Diane said...

The piano player sounds like a wonderful guy. I bet the kids love him. I think if you put yourself into your work it will be hard to lose the kids you've been with so long. Nice post, Kit. Diane

Susan said...

Oh Kit. What a cute post. You have a sentimental heart, like me. We are kindred spirits for sure. Loved your verbal images of all that is happening there.

Yup. We got Montana's snow and LOTS OF IT. Kinda sick of it at the moment. But, hope springs eternal. Today, at least there is SUN! Susan

Liz D said...

Hi Kit! I love your green blog decor, so fresh and spring-like. Yes, we got a LOT of snow yesterday. As I was taking photos and planning my blog story I was thinking,"Oh I better not complain, think of someone like Kit in Montana---she must really have snow!" LOL. But I guess not.

I love the older gentleman and the kids singing Jingle Bells. How perfect.