Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Brawl of the Wild

No, not what happens at our house at Thanksgiving....LOL  But a fantastic football game between my beloved U of M Grizzlys and the Montana State Bobcats. A rivalry that goes back 114 years. And this year it was in Missoula! I usually get really nervous at this game but this year the Griz took off and never looked back and it seemed like we were all jumping up and down every few minutes to celebrate a fumble recovery, a touchdown or an interception. 

The place was on fire! I had two coffees, so I was feeling the energy and not the cold. It was about 39 degrees at game time and spitting snow. From the start of the festivities, with a fly over by a huge fire fighting borade plane, the singing of the National Anthem by two local country western singers and the Griz entering the field bearing Montana flags, the place was ready to rumble.

I was texting to a friend in South Dakota throughout the game and she told me my husband and I had been shown on TV! Below is a very blurry pic of us and a selfie I took of us in the first quarter. How cool is that!? 

Well, we pulled it off in the end 34 to 7. The trophy now stays in Missoula and amongst the fire works and the band playing and the team singing, we all celebrated. I felt a little bit sorry for the Bobcats, but not enough to wish they had won. So until next year, Goodbye little kitties. Go Griz! Always, Kit


Liz D said...

Who knew football required so much fan energy and input! I m pretty sure your enthusiasm was a factor in the win! ;-)

Pom Pom said...

How fun! You guys are so cute!