Saturday, November 1, 2014


Well, another Halloween is in the books. I hurried home from work and set up my table. Lots of skulls and candles and touches of glass scatter. Filled the vintage candy bowl with all our favorite treats and put candles in all the ceramic pumpkins. 

Once hubby got home, we set up our display out front. We do not have a ton of items and we do not do scary or gory. Just cute and fun inflatables, luminaries, and carved pumpkins. The age group we are here to entertain is 8 and younger. The last thing we want to do is make a child cry. Everything seems to glow orange and you can see our house for blocks. We have a lot of families that come every year and they look forward to posing their children in front of the displays for photos.

I like to also keep the inside of the house dark and orangy too. To keep the mood going outside and in. We play Autumn music, and no TV. The last thing I want is a commercial for car insurance to ruin the effect. This way everyone who comes to our door, also sees lit pumpkins inside and lots of festive Halloween items. 

Our daughters came to visit us, and they have dressed up every year since they were born. Halloween is also their favorite holiday and they love to get all creative and come up with unique and handmade costumes. This year my youngest came up with a version of how she thinks the real Snow White would have dressed and my oldest is some kind of creature from a animation series. I am embarrassed to say I can't remember. Geeze! I loved how they both were so proud of their handiwork. Don't they look great?

Such a fun day and night and I am sad to see it over. But I leave you with a favorite video of mine. This one is for Z over at Oldgreymare. She posted the cutest video of the Lennon Sisters. Here is my favorite quartet. Always, Kit

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Liz D said...



oldgreymareprimitives said...

Oh my goodness..The King Sisters. I have not thought of that show in decades! I watched every week! I would have been 12 years old and I was fascinated by their hair... lol

Thanks, I loved it :D

Anonymous said...

Hello Kit, I found you from over on lovely Pom pom s blog, I followed that oh so cute teddy bear, how could I not :) love your blog and see you love Susan Branch too. Your home looks so cosy this halloween. Best wishes Julie Xxx

Pom Pom said...

Your house is as cute as cute can be, Kit! Your daughters have inherited their mother's love of life!

Diane said...

I do love Halloween decrating, too, and I'm just like you, I don't do the gory or terrifying. I love the jack o lanterns. My daughter has a graveyard in front of her house and I laugh whenever I go to the door. Funny epitaphs and most of them dreamed up by her and her family. example:Pillsbury Dough Boy - I will rise again Have a great rest of the week. Diane