Sunday, October 12, 2014


What constitutes a perfect Sunday for you? For me, it is being able to wake up without the alarm. To stay in my pajamas for as long as I want. To keep re-heating my one cup of coffee as I browse my web sites. Then my hubby shows up after his run bearing chestnuts and oak leaves and the scent of fall about him. He will leave at 11 to go to his friends house like he has for so many years and I will flick on the TV. Find one of the many football games being televised and crank up the sound. Chores go much faster and easier with the sound of the crowd cheering me on....LOL  I will pause occasionally to see what the teams are up too, take a look outside at the moody day, where the leaves just pop in color against all the gray. Tidy and arrange, recycle and clean. Then at 3:30, hubby will arrive home bearing coffee and pastries, with the scent of cars about him. :) We will settle in with our snack to watch the Denver game I have been taping and chat about our day. Later I will not even have to cook, since I made a big pot of stew yesterday. And as the day goes into night, I can easily feel, that I have it pretty good. Always, Kit


oldgreymareprimitives said...

sounds perfect <3

Diane said...

You're a happy woman. Diane

Liz D said...

That s a lovely word picture, Kit.


Pom Pom said...

You do! You know how to appreciate the sweet aspects of every day life AND you are a good "make it special" kind of girl for seasonal cheer!

Susan said...

Hi Kit....Your favorite day sounds good. I like to get away on my free days----take day trips.

By the way, I see Susan Branch's book in your sidebar. Have you read her latest one---A Fine Romance? Oh, Kit, it's GREAT. Just got it online yesterday and I'm already half way through it. Terrific book (as are all of hers).

Take care and enjoy the upcoming weekend! Susan

Lorrie said...

Relaxed Sundays are wonderful!

The Boston Lady said...

This is fantastic Kit! I am not a football fan, but my husband follows college ball. I do my best to be part of it, but I'm really waiting for BBall! Ann