Thursday, October 30, 2014

Getting Ready for Halloween!

I adore this holiday. It has so much going for it. Some of my favorite colors: orange, brown, gold, purple, lime green and black. Some unusual decor: witches, pumpkins, ghosts, scarecrows, cats. And it is just plain fun. I like to find decor that is a little different and not your main stream Wal Mart.  This little beauty was waiting for me in the last booth I checked at an antique store. You could literally hear me gasp. She is a ballerina of the gourd persuasion, very prim and proper.

Then sitting on a clearance table at TJ Maxx, this haughty little lady felt totally misunderstood. No one would buy her! How could they not? (she had multiple red tickets on her and she was not pleased) She had a snazzy broom and came with a cat purse. What more could you want?

Mr. Man About Town, caught my eye on my way to eat some pancakes. Cracker Barrel sometimes has the cutest decor and this one was definitely coming home with me. Trouble was, the sale sign it had on it was a mistake. Oh no! I had already bonded. But lucky for the both of us, the manager gave him to me on sale and he is now mine and we are both grinning.

Now this is my newest item and it is somewhat different if not deranged. My hubby loves to recycle and create items from other items. This is a plastic skull and parts of a computer and VCR. And the best thing is, he lights up and is on a timer! He is my newest friend and I love to see him blinking away in the living room after we have all gone to bed. 

There you have it. Just a little bit of what goes on at my house on Halloween. Tomorrow night I will be wearing my orange and black and happily greeting my Trick or Treaters. And I will love all the comments and oohs and ahhs about our displays out front and will wish for a little while that I was 10 years old again and running from house to house. Happy Halloween! Always, Kit


Blondie's Journal said...

How great that you found such unique things for your favorite time!! These are all so cute! And you will smile each year when you bring them out. Wish I were there with you at these shops. We have the most insanely commercial stuff here!! :(

Snow and rain tomorrow...I hope I get a few kiddos because I have the BEST treats around!!!

Jane xxxx

Liz D said...

Adorable finds! The skull with the recycled wires and stuff is amazing.

Have the most fun day! And night....


Diane said...

We still are 10 years old, aren't we? That's why we enjoy Halloween so much. Your new additions are wonderful! Happy Halloween! Diane

Susan said...

Oh Kit. YOu have lots of fun at your house, that's for sure. Love the non-traditional decor. So unique.

Thanks, too, for your visits. Love them. Have a Happy Halloweeny! Susan