Monday, October 20, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Hello from Montana! I have been invited to join in the blog hopping fun by my friend on the East Coast, Lizzy at Gone to the Beach. You must visit her blog. Such quilts! The sea! And she has a great eye for creating beautiful things. :)  Let's get hopping.  First off I live here: 

I am originally from New Jersey but relocated (and happily) to this marvelous place in 1974. My sense of creating is a bit different. You will find it is not items, but more so events. Memories.  So let's get to the question and answer part of this fun hop.

What am I working on?   Just this past week, I was planning my hubby's 65th birthday party. In our family, we have this thing called "extravaganzas"! They are not only for birthdays, but in the past marked the first days of school, graduations, new jobs, etc. We believe in our family that since everyday life can get a bit tedious and same o, same o, we need to shake it up a bit on holidays and special occasions.

Hubby's Autumnal Theme for 2014

How does my work differ than others?    Well, I try and find a theme that is special and marks an event in the past year, or is a favorite character of the person being celebrated. And I try not to spend a lot of money. Making items as I go along, finding items way in advance on clearance. I think it is sad when I hear that other families have birthdays and choose to ignore them, they do not even have a cake. And nary a balloon.  I believe all of us should have a day exclusively for ourselves. To be heralded and applauded. :) 

The year my oldest became an EMT and volunteer fire fighter.

Youngest's profession as a Pollen Specialist

The year my hubby's present was a ride on a B-25 bomber.

How does my creative process work?  This is such fun for me! I have a task list I print up and once I have settled on a theme (Mickey Mouse, snow boarding, firemen, air planes) where ever I go I start looking. Special plates and napkins, scatter for the table, color coded beverages, unique items for the gift containers, and I design the cake. I usually have our local bakery make the cake and I add either items or picture collages to the top. And of course the wrapping paper has to match. :) Now for all of you thinking, that is a lot of work. Not really, if you space it out and it is only for the 4 of us. Not for a huge crowd. I actually get quite a thrill when it all comes together. And the reaction I get from my girls when they see their theme is priceless! 

My youngest started to give me a theme each year too!

Why do write what I do?   I started my blog as a way to keep an online journal. (I saw the movie Julie and Julia and was intrigued!)  I have journaled the old school way since I was 16. Writing down my thoughts, marking my day to day life for 43 years. As my blog evolved I met some outstanding people from all over the world, who I now consider close friends. I couldn't believe anyone would actually want to read about my little life in Montana. Now we all check in with each other and I can't wait to see what they have been up to each day.

There you have it. I hope you have enjoyed visiting. And feel free to come back and see what I am up to next.   Always, Kit


Cottage Tails said...

you sure know how to celebrate!
And I just love seeing what you do for your family. Love Leanne

Liz D said...

Whhat a wonderful post, Kit! (tho of course I expected no less than your usual joy and enthusiasm,[smile].) Your celebrations are exceptional, so much love and creativity. I love all your photos, so much thought and detail.

Thank you for playing!

lizzy gone to the beach

Diane said...

I think it's wonderful how you celebrate different things and make a big deal out of whatever you're doing. It's nice to blog with you, and we're practically neighbors . Diane

Susan said...

Oh Kit. I had to chuckle at your post today. We are SUCH kindred spirits. I started blogging after Jules and Julia, too! (The movie).

I LOVE Mary Englebreit and I do think that looks like "her" table!

Truly, birthdays are highly celebrated here. You are so right that everyone must be celebrated on their special day.

As you know, I also love Susan Branch, as you do, and just LOVE the new book!!!! Almost finished with it.

Okay, well, hope your day is terrific. Oh! Wanted to say that the cakes are all fabulous! Susan

Jen Kershner said...

You should totally be a party planner! That's awesome! Also, a pollen specialist may be the coolest job I've ever even heard of!