Saturday, September 20, 2014

What a Grand Saturday!

It is one of those days when you wake up from a good nights sleep, and you think, "Wow, I have an incredible life." I am always amazed how much goes on on a weekly basis. Some planned, some not so much. I can get tired from work, could kill a cat or two, stub my toe, but all in all it is pretty good stuff. It is a gorgeous day, sunshine and cool. Lots of fall color and I didn't have anything really planned except watching the Griz play on TV. Afraid they are going to get whomped in Fargo, but that is okay, I still love them. Started the day going to my girls house. You see they are on another adventure. This time to Cambodia. Yep, gorgeous beaches, birds called Hornbills, and I am sure lots of cocktails....LOL They love to see the world and then I get to see my Grand-kitties. And tho alot of folks would hate this part, I get to spruce up their home. Call me crazy but I am like a wild woman with my cleaners and brushes and my eye for decorating and I go a bit bonkers. It is such fun! Like the old days when they were little and they let me help clean their rooms. There are some rules I keep, I do not touch their bedrooms and I keep to the main living spaces and I can't throw anything out. (that slip of paper with the stain on it, just may be something special...LOL) So today I was finishing up the kitchen. Everything shines, all science experiments are gone from the frig, and dishes are organized in the cupboards. I feel so accomplished. I even took some creative license and re-arranged the small appliances. What a rogue! This coming week I move on to the living room. Yay! Always, Kit

PS: Since no one wants to see pics of me scrubbing the frig. Here is the adventure!


Pom Pom said...

You are the cutest mom! I love your exuberance for cleaning and housekeeping!
Have fun watching your Grizzlies. I hope they win!

Diane said...

This is a fun post Kit. You are so positive!!!!!

Cottage Tails said...

oh your girls are soo lucky having a mum to do this for them. I bet they love coming home to a clean, sparkling home.

Susan said...

Oh Kit, your girls are so brave! Good for them, seeing the world.

Your flight sounded a bit scary. Glad you got home safely.

Thank you SO MUCH for your visit to my blog today and for your sweet wishes to me. Susan

Blondie's Journal said...

You sound like a neatnik like me! I never do my daughter's bedroom...well maybe straighten the bed linens and pick up the clothes for the hamper, but I do her bathroom everyday. So many germs that can be spread and I hope that she comes to realize that if her toiletries and make up are in order, her mornings will be speedier. I think we are two of kind, Kit! :)

Jane xx

Liz D said...

LOL. Where do you get so much energy!? And what about the kitties?


Jen Kershner said...

I love a day like that and the best part is knowing how blessed you are even while you are living it!

Liz D said...

Hi Kit! Did you get my email about participating in the Around the World bloghop? I hope you ll join in! eemail me for details?



Tammy said...

Can you come to my house and spruce things up? :) I actually used to do that for my Mother-in-law when they would travel to Canada, but she could never accept it. Whatever I bought new, like a small rug, or a towel ... whatever, she would always try and return it to me when she got back. They always worked for everything they ever had and were not showy so it was hard for her to accept any kind of special treatment or offering. My husband has scooted over to Vietnam and Singapore when on business in Thailand, which is totally not fair. Would love to visit Cambodia. Best wishes, Tammy