Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chicks and Chaps 2014

This event never fails to be a fun time. Though every year is so different. Some years we win prizes, other years we have wild and crazy weather, but in all the years we make some wonderful new friends and we have such a great time together. I got the feeling that this year's event was being run by someone new, not as polished as before and I wonder if the event will continue to go on. That would be sad, since it is a lovely way to celebrate breast cancer survivors and to donate to a worthy cause. This year we got to meet and hear the stories of these courageous women and it brought a lot of tears to many eyes. Em and I love this event and watching so many women supporting each other is so heart warming. And being able to rub shoulders with some handsome cowboys isn't too bad either. :) I lift my glass and toast to next year and to the ladies who proudly wear pink! Always, Kit

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Liz D said...

Fun! Fun with *cowboys*! And a good cause.