Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back to School!

I bought my new shoes, ironed my black shorts and laundered all my aprons. Yes, it was time to see my other 150 kids and start another year. This will be my 11th year of working at my Alternative High School and I couldn't be happier. (Almost 20 years with the district!) It is the perfect fit for me, cause I like to think I am a little unconventional too. I pulled out the tablecloths, filled the display case with items related to school going and stocked the shelves. I was ready. 

Headed out to the car and low and behold, in my car was a present! From my youngest. A new purse and everything I would need for the first day of school. Tissues, crayons, stickers, snacks, tape, etc. All wrapped in tissue paper for me to unwrap on break. Oh, I had a good time and kept chuckling to myself. I felt very special and thought of. Thanks Em!

When my girls were little the first day of school was a very special day at our house, with a small party where they would tell us all about their first day and what they liked the best. Now it is my turn, and I love it! Always, Kit

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Liz D said...

Oh Kit! Only you could make going back to school sounds so fun and exciting. The gift from your daughter is delightful, so fun!