Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking back on the Season

It was all so wonderful. Every day seemed to bring Something new. Something fun, Something different. And that strikes me strange each year, because I basically follow the same recipe. Decorate, tree up, cards out, etc. I felt like I absorbed the lights, scents, and music totally.The gifts were thoughtful and special and the company I kept, the best in the world.  I didn't get to Jan 1st thinking, "where did the season go?" It was full, and fun but I am also ready for it to be put away. Once the holiday is over, the decorations just look wrong. And what once looked beautiful, takes on a garish side. Besides, my January decor is demanding to be brought out and have it's month of shining. :)  I love the bare, simple look at this time of the year. Lots of icy blues, and browns. January is calming and soothing after all the crazy fun of December. It is probably my favorite month of the year. I do not schedule anything for this month and I just cocoon myself in the winter and relish it. I am in no hurry for spring or summer. They will have their turn to thrill me. For now it is January's time to shine. Always, Kit


Julie Marie said...

Hello Kit... and Happy New Year to you!... so glad you had a beautiful Christmas season... and now, the month I call "Quiet January"... although I am anxious for Spring, I do not want to hurry my life along... I love that you "cocoon"... I chose two special words for 2014... one is "Serenity"... and the other is "Nest"... which I plan on doing alot of!... enjoy a beautiful beginning to your favorite month!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

Diane said...

I feel that way, too. Have a wonderful January (and New Year) Diane

Susan said...

Hello Dear Kit...Thanks for your visit.

I loved your post. Christmas here was most beautiful, too, but I'm ready to say "adios."

If all goes as plans, most of the Christmas decor will be put away this weekend.

I love the quiet and peacefulness of January----hunkering down in front of the fireplace, scrunching down under the bed covers when it's 10 below zero, sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows and on and on.

Take care, Kit, and have a super Saturday! Susan

Lurena Sheary Williamson said...

Happy New Year Kit!
Have a wonderful month of cocooning and enjoying the simple crisp cool month.
Big hug

Jen Kershner said...

That's so lovely! It sounds like a lovely season. I hope you are cozy and warm and enjoying this season too!