Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just been chillin'...

What can I say, I've just been enjoying the quiet days, of no plans, no commitments, just me time. :) It has been great. Except for a little thing called a "thrown out back" which has slowed me down somewhat (but not completely...), life is good. What is it about the female race, even with pain killers, muscle relaxers, back creams and bed rest, we still try and take care of the house, put away Christmas, go to work, advise the kids, etc. We are soooo crazy! But I have to admit, the only folks that can successfully lie about and recoup are the upstairs ladies of Downton Abbey. I am more like poor old Mrs. Patmore, still making souffles while nursing my ills. LOL But I am getting better and with a turn of physical therapy will be in no time back to normal. Just in time for Spring. 


Gorgeous day here today. Cold but sunny. Even with it being 33 degrees, I have the windows open and I am airing the house out. Love the birdsong. They sound so thrilled today. :) Got to thinking about everyone and their choice of words this year. I chose a word once and didn't do very good with it. I can't remember it off the top of my head, something about "relinquishing control"? Yeah right. No wonder I didn't do very well...LOL My family has gotten used to me taking care of things and getting them done. So I guess it is good I keep in control. So this year, I think my word will be...
BRACELETS! Strange I know, but you see, I love them. I can't help but buy them, they are so pretty, unusual, but then, I don't wear them. They just sit on my bureau looking like lovely pieces of art. So this year, I am going to try and wear them as much as possible. There, that is as close to a resolution that I will make. No sense setting myself up to fail...LOL Always, Kit


Julie Marie said...

Hello dear Kit... so sorry to hear about your back... I hope you are feeling some better by now... I just know you always keep on going... I do too... but sometimes we really DO need to put ourselves first... (it's hard tho')... love that you collect pretty bracelets... and yes you should wear them!... xoxo Julie Marie

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit! I'm sorry to hear about your back! Get better soon! Bracelets! That's great! You can make some, too!

LV said...

My word, with all those lovely bracelets, I would wear one everyday if it was just in the house.

Cottage Tails said...

SMile love your word for the year.

Hope you are back to yourself soon. I love Downton and Mrs Patmore is my fav character, terrible Thomas is my 2nd. SMILE.
Love Leanne

Diane said...

Ah, yes, such a luxury to just take care of ourselves. I'm the world's worst when it comes to that. Do try, though, Kit. We really are worth it. Diane

Liz D said...

Kit I am so sorry to hear about your back, poor you! But I love your *word*. So funny and perfect. I love bracelets too and have a whole wall by my bathroom vanity with bracelets on nails and hooks. I do wear mine though. My favorites are two silver bangles I had inscribed with lines of poetry in memory of special people who have passed on now and a Cape Cod bangle with a gold seashell, in memory of my famly home and good times on the Cape.

enjoy the peaceful days! and feel better.



FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Hope you are soon up and about without any back pain. Just take it easy until then.

Those bracelets are so pretty.

Have a lovely Sunday Kit and a great week.


Susan said...

Hello Dear Kit....Sounds like a great resolution to me. Are all of those bracelets shown yours? Soooo pretty!
I think you will enjoy wearing them.

I'm a sucker for jewelry, too. Love earrings, necklaces, pins, bracelets and rings! Have wayyyyy too much of it, though.

Hope your day is terrific today. And Kit, thanks so much for all your sweet visits. Susan

Laurie said...

I hope by the time you read this that you are feeling much better, Kit. It isn't easy taking care of everyone when your back hurts, as you said but you just keep at it. I loved your reference to the Downton Abbey women - I hadn't given any thought to the one I am most like, but there is probably a survey out there to help me decide.

It is about 48 degrees here today, just beautiful, but the weatherman said snow and colder tomorrow. Just when the stuff has finally melted!