Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Time to plant

I had myself an excursion this week, all by myself, and it felt great! We have a lovely little garden center in town where I can get some of the plants I used to grow from seed. (when you live in an area with such a short growing period, it is the way to go) Not only do they have plants but a huge selection of garden art and I was armed with a gift certificate...LOL Let the fun begin!

 I pushed my cart up and down the many aisles, with the silliest grin on my face. Visiting with all the greenery and selecting a few choice plants. Found my Morning Glory, a few new Coleus, and a Cosmos. Also found the cutest wind chime by Debbie Mumm and I couldn't resist, even tho I already own about a gazillion wind chimes. It was a rainy day, but as I wandered about, the sun broke thru and shined thru the greenhouse ceiling. Ahhh, it lit me up from head to toe. I have never felt so good as in those moments surrounded by plants and friendly folk and the scent of life. It was the best medicine. :) Always, Kit

My bounty!

Morning Glory


Pom Pom said...

Hi Kit!
It IS hard when the mountain growing season is so short. I am planting zinnias and other hardy things, but I think I should venture out for established plants soon. I'll take my camera.
I'm so glad you are joyful! I hope your summer is awesome!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love these sort of places, Kit, and we have a few in Michigan, in fact I included some pics from one in my last post. That Morning Glory in the pot is so cute! Even though we get cold here in the winter, mine drop seeds and come back. Invasive little guys they are. Love your bounty, happy planting!!


The Boston Lady said...

I love that you loved this trip Kit! You are seeing life through fresh eyes and drinking it all up with gusto! I get that! Ann

Diane said...

Very good medicine. I'm glad you had fun and found some beautiful flowers. Diane

Julie Marie said...

Looks like you got some beautiful plants Kit!... gardening really is the best therapy and pick me upper... enjoy planting them!... xoxo Julie Marie